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Iam just a guy with some connections. If I can find the right group of people and property, it is possible to get funding. The people with money would most likely want to make money somewhere. So Iam gathering people a plan and information. So far the plan is a complicated one involving a large infostructure. Including rainwater storage, grey water, geothermal, solar pumps, passive solar, storm and under ground survival shelter. All this would be in place before any above ground work would be done. The plan is to have a megawatt wind generator, solar array, irrigation system, etc. My vision for a echo community involves an automatic system that allowes individuals to do as they wish. 40 acres would be set aside and divided for individual useage The community could house 80 to 100 people. So I guess I may become a developer. I have and extensive background in construction. This is a life long dream.