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Definitely Jay, I’m building plans in my head for the best setup.. gonna do it once but do it right. At the moment I am in a caravan but hopefully will convert a brick building into a full wood burning system in a couple of years or so.

I’m trying to save money so the whole rip-off thing really gets at me and this post was largely just me blowing off some steam over it. Someone suggested a cheaper local supplier for propane so will try there next time.

As for technology, it can be both good and bad. Take cars, modern cars are expensive and complicated to fix whereas old cars may break down more but are easy to maintain and repair… my view is weigh out the pros and cons and get whats best. My ideal is to invest in a set up that is reliable and cheap to maintain or repair when/if it does go wrong. Time will repay any original outlay if it lasts a lifetime with little or no extra work. Complication is a big hinderance and I think that’s why the simplicity of dropping everything and living without ‘the man’ is so attractive to so many people… its a bit unrealistic though.. I don’t fancy living in a cave rubbing sticks together and eating squirrels for the rest of my life whilst someone just down the road is sitting in a heated house watching TV documentaries about some lunatic living in a cave wearing nothing but a rabbit-skin to cover his modesty! Freedom from the system kind of turns around back at you as slavery when you take it too far