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Home Forums General Discussion At home solar for phones, laptops etc? Re: At home solar for phones, laptops etc?


I am not sure what is commercially available to accomplish the tasks of cell phone charging, laptops, etc. However, building something up to accomplish the task could definitely be done for under $1000. Depending on how many phones and laptops you are trying to charge at once would define what size(power rating) of a PV panel to use.

If I were doing something like that it would have a panel(sized accordingly to some other factors), charge controller, a to be defined small 12 volt battery. As long as the devices you need to charge have 12 volt adapters available then by having your “system” have its own 12 volt battery you could charge your cellphone/laptop at night or on cloudy days by using the stored energy in the systems 12 volt battery. One definitely would want the power system protected with fuses for safety.

I started out eons ago with a single 18 watt panel(circa 1980), a RV/marine battery to run a single radio and light for “fun”. Now living ‘almost’ off-grid with 2200 watts of PV, 300 watt wind gen and 20kwh of batteries.


Marshall, IL