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Participant shows you how to build a dome from EMT electrical conduit. is a guy that built a 19′ dome this way. There are a couple of ways you could cover this dome with plastic. One is boat marine shrink wrap. The other might actually be pallet wrap (saran wrap). marine wrap comes in white and clear. You need a $300 heat gun for the marine wrap. For example his 19′ dome would cost around $600 using marine wrap. Of course you have to cut the pieces and hammer the ends flat, drill holes and bolt the thing together. The guy at mimimalintentions is talking about for himself a hydroponics setup similar to what you guys are talking about with a geodome.

I know of no great OFG solution for pumping myself. But I’d suggest for any thing like this or shops or mills a hydro electric generator nearby. And hydro does not fit every location. So shopping for land with a good hydro site might be the thing to do first. Or conversely shopping for land with great solar or great wind or a combination of the two.