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booboomc21, your posts here are bordering on spam, I deleted 3 of the 4 posts you wrote advertising your site, I will leave this one because it is on topic for this site. Please do us all a favor and don’t post a bunch of messages that are only promoting your site, we do encourage interaction here and if you have something ***pertinent*** to add to a topic, then please feel free to post.

I checked out your site and it looks interesting, though it looks a bit pricey, especially the part about paying $2000 just to be licensed to build one of these domes, but it’s your deal and if someone wants to play ball with you, they will have to pay the fees. :)

This reminds me a lot of the monolithic dome homes in Italy Texas, they use an inflatable form, don’t know which I’d like better, I’m sure they each have their pros and cons.

I just finished watching the videos, very interesting, I see that the owner of this dome likes UFO and crop circle stuff, don’t tell anyone but I am also interested in that sort of thing, LOL.

How are the acoustics inside one of these dome homes? Domes tend to have some interesting acoustics, ie sound is carried from one side to the other very readily, I suspect that the addition of furniture and such can dampen that quite a bit.

The toilet system sounds interesting, I’d like to know more about that, we use the Joseph Jenkins Humanure method of composting toilet waste.