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In an urban or sub-urban area water and sewers is probably the most important service you do not get rid of. However if you live in a small house it could be possible to cut off the natural gas and install an EPA certified low emissions heater and you find and provide your own fuel. I know one guy who built a co generation system so he makes his own power and hear using waste vegetable oil he collected from restaurants,

If you live with a good southern exposure passive solar is a possibility for heat and maybe even some light.

Even if you have to rent, its possible to get a long term lease with an agreeable landlord.

I once rented 1/4 acre which used to be a hobby farm There was an orchard were 7 kinds of apples, 3 kinds of pears both green and red grapes grew not to mention kiwi fruit hazelnuts and walnuts. Unfortunately the landlords wife got fixated on having yuppie type lawns worthy of home and gardens to the detriment of the orchard. At one point we had 50 chickesn free ranging in the orchard until the mink got most of them. We had already cut off the gas and I had a inverter system half built when we had to move.

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