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As Reeboot said it all depends. Results will vary all over the map. Mothe Earth magazine has published articles on food growong in small places. I personally have seen small plots of land produce enough to feed several people. My father was head gardener on an estate. His job was to provide vegetables for the main house In addition to the owner and his family there were 3 live-in staff plus us. We livede in a separate building.

Where we once lived the orchard produced plenty of fruit and our green house provided tomatoes. Untill the mink killed off so many of them the chickens provided lot of eggs to the point we sold more than we could eat.

The most useful aspect of the chart is that it serves as a guide in planning.

Every situation is going to be unique.

Land use outlined in published books may not include more recent developments.

This is whe online publications like Mother Earth and Grist are useful guides to recent developments. They may not have in depth articles thjemselves but will provide links to places wher the details can be gotten. I do recall one article wher the author claimed 100 square feet was sufficient to produce enough food for one person. Provided some really intense cultivation methods was used. The photo illustrations suggested the claims were close to being true. Not being there its hard to judge everything. One thing for sure traditional farming techniques is nowhere as effective as newer permiculture methods. Drip irrigation saves water which is an important consideration if you have to create the energy needed to pump all that water.

Espalier techniques would allow you to grow fruit trees in places you might not otherwise be able to use. The list is endless. Planning ahead a couple of years is a good thing. Among other things it gives you time to practice energy use reduction even if you live in downtown urban ville and rent not own. A meter to measure actual power consumption is not expensive. For propane and natural gas there are techniques for calculating it when a meter cannot be hooked up.