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Home Forums General Discussion got the money to buy land but zero skills to build. Reply To: got the money to buy land but zero skills to build.


hello Ian,
nice to hear from you, i’m thinking of buying a forest in sweden. 5 or 6 hectares …near a lake so i can fish and hunt and spend zero money to live. ( well zero is impossible…but as little as possible) i was hoping to get there this summer but i think its too late now. got to wait april next year and in the mean time i try to build up knowledge and some like minded people. i think this is a game of patience and networking..we need to stay in touch every now and then and lets see how it goes. also i was thinking of a possible issue which could arise and i have no idea how to solve it….lets say me and you get along here on the internet and we decide to start building in the forest together…what will happen if we then end up fighting? you helped me building up the site but the land is mine. its an issue because i have the moral obligation to compensate you for your time and work it can just turn out nasty…like a marriage :-) hehehe
what do you think about it?
thanks for contacting me