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[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hi my wife and i are looking for other families that want to move off the grid. we are open for community living or one family to join us would be fine too. we have a 5 year old son and we dont want him to grow up with out companionship, we are very serious about doing this asap, we have been thinking about this a lot and have decided that this is how we want to live our lives, we have looked at plots of land in CA,NV,OR, they are very reasonable in price less then $2000. we are 25 and 26 years old we do not mind what age you are, as long as you have the same goals as we do. please be serious as well, leave an email with a number or email address so we can chat, we are not religious, we are more of the hippie type, just done being slaves to our society, [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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46 Responses to “family looking for other families”

  1. annabellerg1

    Updated project page:

  2. thomas

    My family and i are moving off gridd in may looking for other people who would be interested in this type of lifestyle . We have bought 18 acres of land in the upper part of Michigan next to the Ottawa national forest. Will be raising our own poultry hunting our own deer . If interested e mail me back at

  3. Brent

    My contact is Would like to talk to some like minded people.

  4. Brent

    I am a 36 year old male from muskegon michigan. I am worried about the the way the world is heading. I would love to be part of an off grid community. I am a master mechanic and good at solving problems. My thoughts were to build a tiny house and downsize my life. I am interested in a community or land share where we could grow most of our food instead of eating the crap from the supermarkets. I believe that a strong community is so much more important then material things. People are polluting this planet with all of the wasteful junk they purchase everyday just thinking that it disappears. Its time for change.

  5. c

    im 28yr old wht male, good shape.. have had successful business career, an im financially stable.ive had my “quarter life crisis ” lol an have this desire to live completely different than what i had been living an slow down from my 100mph city lifestyle…..

    the past couple of yrs i have been renting a farm house an land an have cows,chickens, goats, 2 pigs, ect..but the landlord has just lost his job an has given me notice he is going to have to move back… :(! so i have to find somewhere to go..

    ideally i wanted to find a place to buy, but the idea of joining a “group or community” really intrigues me. i think it could be a wonderful expierence.(could be a horrible expierence too ha)

    Marv your post really perked my intrest..esp with the size of your property..Also Rmergy, i think ive seen your device on youtube…if so very cool, i like it…..ANYONE, if my post sparks intrest let me know. my email is

    im pretty private an dont really post much info on the net, (ths is my 1st time ever doing something like this.)

    im flexible to location, im located in the southeast currently….(an i like it here, since growing season is good, an water is not an issue) open to a living in a house, or i live in my camper.

    i do feel as i would be a MAJOR asset to a community or small family farm/homestead ..i have things that would probably be beneficial such as, 4×4 tractor an loader an equipment, trucks, flatbed an stock trailers, atv,backhoe, welders, tons of tools an air compressors, SOLAR PANELS an a HUGE battery bank. freezers, very nice canning equipment, (i havent used yet, still new in the box)generators ,animals, fencing skills an supplies, an much more….i have plenty of food for my self an maybe enough to share.

    i have a strong desire to learn many different skills an ways of doing things, (for example, i have bought the solar an batteries but havent done anything with them yet, as plans have just bc i have solar panels dont expect me to be an expert..all i know is from books ive read an the hours of youtube videos ive watched.(same with welding, just cus i have welders doesnt mean i know what im doing lol)

    a little bout me, my view points are probably more libertarian, i love to snow ski, an have a desire to be self sufficient. i collect books.

  6. thomas

    anyone in the michigan area looking togo off gridd.

  7. S.P.

    I am 29 years old with 3 tween age children, currently living in Wisconsin. I have a small amount of money saved and currently recieve 2k per month in spousal support payments. This means I would have money to contribute to a community while still being present to do work as well…I want to be totally off grid, maybe have solar/wind turbine at some point, build a house with my bare hands, etc. I would like to learn and work beside others farming, building, and supporting each other . Anyone who would welcome me and my children into your community, please contact me with more information.

  8. valerie

    I currently live in WA & Im looking to join an off grid community. I can crochet & cook. I am a hard worker & I’ve been reading up on gardening lately as i want to start my own. I am 24 with no kids & I’m finding it hard to exist in this TV obsessed consumerist country. I want to live a simple life. I am willing to locate anywhere on the west. Would live to great back from anyone when you can email is thank you!

  9. Marv

    The area that I have chosen has lots of sunshine, gentle breezes good clean air and good places to build to take advantage of solar, earth or underground homes. It is a good place to do an off-grid community.

  10. Marv

    I have a over 600 acres of land rich in mineral resources surrounded by government land 50 miles from the nearest community or grid. I am looking for people that would be willing to work with me to develop an off-grid community not just to survive but to thrive with the wealth of this property and its mineral wealth. Email me at for more details.

  11. Ashima

    Hi guys,

    Looks like I’ve come to the right place. Great minds! A few folks and I are in the planning stages of an ecovillage down in SC. We convene via telephone every other week. Plans are to go completely offgrid within the next 2 – 3 years. The land has already been acquired. Our website is 98% complete and I will send to you if you are interested. Go ahead and email me at if you’d like to hear more about this venture.

  12. Aliyah

    Wow overwhelming amount of comments.
    My name is Aliyah and my husband name is David. We have a daughter named Kiona who is five. We are currently trying to get off the grid as well. You can say we are hippies to we have house hope, even to another country. Trinidad and Tobago where I was born. We have no spiritual or religious beliefs. Just god in and in all things. We are pretty friendly light on life people. WE know we are here to enjoy ;)

  13. Lundy

    Hi everyone I am in California and have found some land that would be perfect for just this use we can have a great community I own a roofing company so I have all sorts of supplies but I don’t have enough resources this is 20 mins away from San Jose ca. over 200 acres under 1875 year contract only small fee yearly will never increase contact me at also have smaller property in we can get in stockton Ca.

  14. Copman137

    We would be interested in talking to some of the folks in this discussion. See our post about our otg thoughts. Please email us

  15. cassiel

    Me and My husband live in Los Angeles.
    We have 2 girls, 2 and 4. We are looking to get off the grid. I am looking into taking building courses in CAL EARTH. Recentaly saw the documentary WITHIN REACH and would like to have something similar to EMERALD EARTH.
    please email me if you are still trying to put this together.

  16. Amy

    My name is Amy and my 3 yr old son is Benjamin, my husband Michael is a Army Drill instructor, he was a RF Engineer and knows a lot about everything. I was raised on a farm and have massive amounts of mad cooking skills along with working a small farm. My degrees are in Business managements, CNA, Executive Pastry Chef. I also have skills with shooting and am not afraid to do what we must for our families. We have a passion for living off the grid and growing our own foods. We have
    The desire to get away from the big brother government. I am 40 and my husband is 37. We are looking to move by April. We are open to any areas but would like to be near water and food sources.

  17. william fick

    To the person who has property in Michigan. I would very much like to speak to you. Please contact me at

  18. william fick

    Single dad of 3 kids again. Forgot to add that we would be willing to contribute in anyway for a community of off the grid folfs, if there is someone trying to put it together.

  19. william fick

    My kids and I are looking to move somewhere to get off the grid. I am a single dad of 3 kids and are very eager to get started. Can anyone offer a small piece of land or help in anyway? Please let me know.

  20. Kat

    I am a 47 yr old single woman w/ 17 and 11 yr old sons. We would like to go in with a community and buy some land and put a cabin or 2 tiny houses on it. We are interested in sustainable housing, gardening and animals. I think living off the grid would be a welcome challenge for us all. I live in Hawaii now but would like to move to Oregon or Northern California or Washington. I see the downfall coming…I am not a crazy survivalist (but I do have some ninja skills :) or a cultist. I was a Marine for 12 years and have skills of a pretty good cook, sewist, good understanding of first aid. I just would like to live a green life and be less dependant on Govt resources. Off the grid for me! :)

  21. Andrea Also looking to move off the grid

  22. charlie

    I did not leave a email sorry I have 2.5 acres with water and a powerpole in texas county mo. that joins up to 35000 ac of national park looking for others who want to slow down and live a lifestyle that is off the grid as much as possible.Soil is workable and springfeed creeks and rivers are close to my land.wanting to start something soon.

  23. Stephanie

    Hi Steven, my husband and I are 25 and 26, have a 2 yr old son, and are looking to live off the grid also asap. We currently live in texas. We mostly wanted to live in Hawaii (due to natural food sources) but are open to anywhere warm yr round. Your post caught my eye since we’re all close in age, send us an email if you guys are interested in what we can contribute!

  24. Wendy

    Sorry forgot to leave contact information
    My family is looking to live off the grid, my husband is a computer wiz and handy at many things, I cook, sew, garden (my prof. all my adult life has been accounting and management). I have been told and know that I am a very handy person, having helped build my family’s home, worked on cars, built fences, etc…
    Anyone besides Hunter that is looking for another family to join please feel free to contact me.

  25. Wendy

    My family (me, my husband, along with my 14 & 15 year old daughters) would love to join you!

  26. Brian

    It occurred to me that even if bein’ old and single didn’t matter to those seeking to start a community…

    I left no contact info. :(

    So here’s a phone number that collects messages for me – 209-957-6157

    Anyone serious about putting something together around late spring in CA, OR, AZ, or NM – please get hold of me!

  27. Brian

    To clarify a bit… I am in north central Ca. I have a large house on an acre and a half. But I am within city limits and would like to get a little farther out. Join with a family, collection of families, singles, couples, doesn’t matter to me. Time does.

  28. Brian

    I am also interested, but time is getting a little short. I have the same goals (have lived the life several short periods) have the skills, a large collection of resources – but there’s a catch, or two.

    I am 60 years old. I am alone, other than too many dogs at the moment…

    I am extremely serious and will reply to anyone about any situation or the immediate creation of a brand new one.

    Would like to aim at late spring 2013.


  29. rmergy

    Hello Friends,
    I have been planning this for a number of years now, but keep getting set backs..;o( I live in a 29 foot Airstream Trailer that I have completely rebuilt inside. I have built, remodeled and repaired houses and comerical buildings. I worked in Latin America for 20 years in manufacturing, I built and managed plants for US companies. I have many skills to offer. Am retired now, in good health, and really want to get away from all this crazyness. I have been telling folks for many years that we are headed off a cliff, but everyone just laughs at me. Proof is in the price of gold, in 1900 it was $25 an once, today it is $1800. This makes our dollar worth 1/(1800/25)=0.013 pennies. Pure inflation tax collected by the banksters. Today they are arguing over how and how much to cut from Medicare and no one is steering the ship…DUH! and no life boats!

    I have designed a magnetic motor/generator set. I also have designs to build a small hydrodam. Electricity helps to make life easier, but not require to live. I grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio milking cows and farming 250 acres. Am a good mechanic and maintain my old 87 Suburban.

    My interest is would be joining a small group wanting to build a community in the Northwest part of the US. Not into deserts or high elevations. Should have a year round stream for water supply or a very good shallow aquafer that is good and pure. A good spring would also be a good water supply. You can not service deep wells without heavy equipment. Water purification can be delt with as required.

    In my estimation we may have but a very short window to establish such a community before our country actually declares bankrupcy or just goes over the cliff, or blows up one way or another. I would rather be situated before any of that happens because I believe that our government will restrict all of us from traveling making it almost impossible to establish such a community. There are just so many things to be considered to actually establish such a community, and then there is the finding the right place to establish it.

    I am ready to do something, how about you? only if you are serious.

  30. Christina

    I am a 42 year old woman looking for just such a situation. I would love to hear your plans as I have been doing alot of research. I am healthy and handy and ready to contribute. Please drop me a line.

  31. Jerri

    Definitely interested in off-grid living. We are located in NorCal also, but would be open to west coast are in general. I’m 41 and have a 9 yr. old daughter, and also my best friend who is 21. Been feeling called to this life-style for a long time now. Would love to hear from you.

  32. Shannon

    Builder husband of 26 years and chef wife that can cook anything, wanting to love life a little more and give back to Mother earth. We live in Oregon and are willing and ready to move somewhere that we can grow our food! Teach and learn from others. and well just enjoy life! Want to be family?

  33. sunandseafrosty

    Hi, My family and I are also looking to go off grid. Hubby and I are getting a divorce but would like to raise our two girls, 1 &3 together in a community, love to here what you all are up too now.

  34. charlie

    Relocating to our property in southcentral Mo.Texas county.It is only a couple acres but it joins to 35000 acres of national forest.We have been gardening and canning for years.I am 46 and have done a lot of Construction .I have a lot of tools and equipment.We are looking for a couple of others who want to get away from the mainstream and live a more self sustaining life .

  35. Ed Taylor

    Hi to ALL,
    I am a 52 year old single man that has many skills of survival and building. I also am a fisherman and hunter. I am wanting a Christian based community that is OFF THE GRID. I believe the world is headed in the wrong direction and really don’t want to be controlled by the government. I am not an anti-government person, but if things keep heading in the direction they are headed all our freedoms are going to be taken away. I want to live a free and happy life for the years I have left. I am healthy for the most part and physically able to take care of myself. I would prefer to be with other people that are like minded. I am open to finding a soulmate that wants the same things and is compatible. I am a Navy vet and presently a volunteer in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. i would like to hear from people interested in getting together and are serious about this. Thanks for reading and wish you ALL the best!

  36. Chad

    I’m a single 39 year old man looking for a community already working. I would like to learn and help with plans of staying if I fit. Either that, or perhaps I can take what you’ve taught me and help other people build their new communities. I believe this is what I really need in life and I’m willing to put my all into it. I am open to any and all opportunities to learn under experienced people. I work hard and I’m very gentle. I am respectful towards others, and very intelligent for helping solve problems when they arise. I’m strong (out of shape though). My interests are in gardening and water purification, but I can build. I’m a philosopher and a psychologist by heart. I’m a great conversationalist, but also love my time to myself.

  37. shmirnoff84

    I wanna go off the grid..can anyone

  38. lawrencefamily

    We have been wanting this for many years. We recently attempted to cfd a 40 acre parcel w a stocked pond and 4 bedroom 2 bath in Illinois, but the deal fell through when the sellers backed out due to their split/divorce. Our long term goal was to build a community that is self sustained. We have been broken hearted since. For 6 yrs we have been buying a house in a neighborhood on a double lot, but are willing to sell and move our financial contribution and skills toward someone else’s community making ourself a part of the same dream others share. We are both hard workers with a love of the outdoors. My husband works as a CDL driver now and is legal to transport supplies that may someday be required for building. Other Skills we can offer a community include construction, roofing, gardening, animal husbandry and preparation, woodworking, painting and musical abilities. We have a 15 yr old son of fit and strong build who is also of a warm and intelligent nature. His biggest passion in life is reading books and is not a tech child as many these days have become. Our 19 yr old daughter and her boyfriend are equally interested in a community that is self sustained and off grid, and they have the same to offer as listed above. (in addition, Should the need to defend ever arise we are all of a physical ability to do so though we are all pacifists by nature. Times may call for a need in the future for some to have a soldier’s skills mixed with a soft hearted compassion. Her boyfriend would bring this to the table also if ever needed) All of us are in good physical condition, able bodied and have outdoor loving natures. Only serious contacts please.

  39. deltagbear

    I live in KS and am looking for individuals or families to either start or join a community off of the grid. I have 2 children 15 and 18 and we are doing this, let me know if anyone is interested or knows of a place to check out.

  40. David Muse

    Hi all, 53 year old veteran, jack of all trades. Business degrees, currently own a plumbing contracting business but partner wants out, no real equity. Grad school law, real handy with the office and all paperwork. Old dog, best buddy and I will be leaving AZ in about six month’s. Have own pension, not alot but love to share. Giver not taker. Looking up poorest places, best places, cheapest places, community living. Just want peace and quiet, nerves not what they used to be. Any ideas helpful. Kinda like maybe different than here,MI,KY,AK,WV,MT.Thx

  41. Rebecca Page

    We may live across the pond but are looking to live off the grid with our family in Wales. We have a 13 month old and a 9 year old and a cat.

  42. Francie Collins

    Hi we live in the Austin area and are looking to get serious about getting off grid and growing and living a sustainable life. We are looking for land and a loving community. We have 3 children ages 4,6, and 11.

  43. hunter


  44. Melinda

    Here is a website that you may find quite beneficial regarding off grid living as they provide an abundance of information and encouragement….

  45. Kayla

    Hi Steven and family:
    I am Kayla currently living in IL with my husband and 7yo son and 11yo daughter. I have been working on a goal to join or start a sustainable community. I am only looking at land east of the continental divide, but maybe we could share strategies. How are you looking to manage healthcare and education? Do you have plans for a clean energy and water source. I just got back from a trip to Nappanee, IN where is visited an Amish community to learn how they manage without electricity and about farming practices. I am not religious, but they continue some very sound methods used for hundreds of years.