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My name is Chad. I’m 32 years old and single with no kids. Currently living in Gilbert, Arizona. I have a spot in Southern California. I want to form a group to live together and help each other out. The ideal group size would be 4-16 people. It’s desert terrain with water nearby for growing plants (I want to grow loads of plants). Potable water will need to be hauled in. It’s warm during the winter and super hot during the summer. Housing will either be tent, van, or RV. The spot is not secluded and will have lots of other people around. So there will still be opportunity to make money without all the living expenses involved. Starting out will cost some money but once established living should become very cheap.

Here’s some things on my list:

high speed internet, wood burning stove, solar panels, hot tub, fire pit, dogs, growing vegetables, hunting, solar hot water, solar oven cooking

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3 Responses to “Creating group for nice spot in Southern California”

  1. Gen Agustsson

    i went on a nice off grid trip to the desert and its 99% great!

    • NR

      Hi, I would like to be part of this. I am 23, male and not a lazy sod. I am not very experienced but a fast learner.