| June 9, 2021

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Cost £1100


Can be used as 12/24/48volt


Part Number: S12-230AGM

Battery Range: Rolls S Series 

Voltage: 12V

Ah Capacity (C20): 210Ah

CCA @ 32?F: 1425

CCA @ 0?F: 1180

Dimensions (mm) LxWxH: 530 x 209 x 238

Weight (Kg): 61.0

Terminal Type: LT


Categories: AGM S Series, Batteries, Marine and Leisure, Renewable Energy, Rolls, S Series. Tags: 12V, AGM, Deep Cycle, Marine & Leisure, Renewable Energy, Rolls, S Series.


These batteries are being sold for a friend.


These batteries have been used as office/storage back up.


Huge off grid power potential.


These are top of the range Rolls S12-230AGM leisure / deep cycle batteries. There are 4 of them and they come complete with all battery cables. They are in excellent working order.


This is a perfectly balanced battery bank that’s had light use and been digitally charged by a state of the art Victron Energy MultiPlus Inverter Charger.


They are still being maintained via an intelligent, digital, battery charging and monitoring system at the time of writing this listing.


Rolls are highly regarded in the solar storage world and are quite possibly the best by far.


Plus X3 brand new and top of the range. Tier 1, 300watt, monocrystalline panels. By adding these fantastic panels you would create a very desirable off grid system.


Plus brand new 1200W smart solar charge controller.

DC12V/24V/50AMP/3.5″ lcd display 

for 1200W solar array,accepts 18V to 34V solar panels




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