| April 18, 2021

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Cost 100,000

We are a small Christian group located in Illinois. We are focused on spreading the Gospel of Christ to others during this time of uncertainty.  Will you be the one to help us live Off-Grid and spread the word of Jesus Christ? We aim to teach others how to live Off-Grid while following Christ. We are looking to purchase Acreage and build solar powered tiny homes. Our main focus is to create a independent community, teaching others how to be self sustainable along the way. Lets be honest, we all can agree that the World is not a safe place. We can make it a better place through communities teaching others along the way. Once we reached the funds needed, the members of this group will decide where to buy land and start to build as one safe community. We will reach as many people possible, anyone can join in the community and start prepping for times to come.


Thank you,

Have a Blessed Day.


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