I, Adam, have an abnormal mentality. I do apologize for this informal post, but I wish to build a community based on ignoring temptation/sin. The 10 commandments and 7 deadly sins are a daily mantra of mine. Due to the MANY MANY things we all, as humans, mistakingly do on a daily basis…but without preaching and getting off topic, an example of what I think living off the land means; To harness renewable energy, to collect resources needed(such as water) and to build, build, build. So.many things to create, like a filtration system for the water. To know how things work and to put in the time to maintain its longevity, to create and build and grow the food we eat and to eliminate waste by using a composting system…..these things I need. Not materials, not money, not society. I wish to rid my life of the 7 deadly sins and I started 4 years ago, with no meat. Anything with a heartbeat should be cared for and loved, not harassed and loaded with steriods for bigger yield. Gluttony is disgusting. As is Sloth and Blasphemy…and really all 7 of them! God will help us all, individually, it is not in anyone’s power to change another. I am just putting myself out there, because I believe life was intended to be blissfully simple and rewarding with TLC. Before Adam and Eve wanted more. Rid yourself of the toxic cycle. We only need a barbaric amount. Ponder that.

ps- I will never make judgement on anyone. Not of their opinions, views or beliefs. I will have patience and keep doing the next right thing.


Let me know if anyone is interested in a piece of peace:)

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10 Responses to “With a will, ways are not wanting”

  1. Maggie.A

    Hi Adam.
    I too share your beliefs, a life without temptation and sin, keeping God’s 10 commandments.
    Loving and living in nature as the Most High God would have us to do.
    Living simply.
    I am currently living in the UK, this is something I really want to do.
    So your post really resonated with me.
    I’ve never done anything like this before, so not sure how to get started.
    I hope and pray this msg will reach you and you would consider reaching out to me.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards.

  2. Chazza

    Hey! I’ve been reading , wanting and studying off grid living for quite some time. We are lucky because we live in Nova Scotia, Canada and it’s beautiful living here. I just am so tired of society more so since the plandemic Covid hit. I work in health care and it’s tiring. I want nothing more than to live off the grid and be self sustained. Takes time. I wish you well on your journey! Take care!

  3. Tara

    Hi Adam,

    I’m very good at researching amongst many other talents. Email me at tarafying247@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss things further.

  4. Desert Rat

    Well my place is cool, looking for folks that can afford to buy-in. I have been working 5 years on this project. It takes time and money. Got the Basics, Water, Sewer, Outhouse with Shower, Road, Small Shop and I have living space, on 7ac +. Just look’in for Folks Email Akdog_1@yahoo.com

  5. AP

    Apologies, I had to forego Michigan. Also, I am not one to force anything on anybody. I just wish to live simply with bare essentials:) The tried and true!
    Heading West, will track down a location soon!!

  6. Stephen whitehead

    Hopefully this message finds its way as ive been trying to contact you. Looking forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards

  7. angela

    this would be nice in Colorado where off grid is possible but not as cold as Michigan.

  8. Jahshael1986

    I would join you and I totally agree with you on everything but if you build you can’t force nothing on the people must let them grow into the person you have become my only condition no force free will is a universal law.

  9. laura vinci

    I would love to find more out please get in touch with me Thank you
    Laura Vinci

    • AP

      I am still debating on a location. It is impossible to find land in the states away from landfils, mines, toxic waste sites and pipelines. Do you have any ideas?
      Do share any of your questions as well