38 year old man looking to go off grid. Looking for a small bit of land in a wooded area so I may use the resources around me to build a cabin and live off the land. Looking to leave on June 10th 2021 for new location. If it is a community of homesteaders don’t mind helping out my fellow self reliance and contributing to a community of like minded people. I have some cash to buy lot. If you can help me find a parcel of land please contact me.

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2 Responses to “Willing to travel”

  1. Dr Dew

    Caballo Loco Ranch in Southern Arizona may be your answer depending on your exact money situation. Its super cheap living in Southern AZ. Good luck finding the wooded area down there though. I’m in a similar situation but I have a bit more time to figure everything out. My ultimate goal is to save up enough money to buy some cheap land in remote Alaska and build an industrial size greenhouse. I would build small homes inside the greenhouse and grow food year round. I’ve seen people use passive heating like water storage, compost bins and underground piping to keep a green house 85 degrees in the snow. I either need to form a group to afford it or wait and save up for a decade. I’m considering buying some cheap land in Northern AZ and starting some production businesses to get some real life experience and possibly reach the financial goal sooner.

  2. Marty

    I want to go also. I will work for food and a bed only. You will get free labor all year around.