38 year old man looking to go off grid. Looking for a small bit of land in a wooded area so I may use the resources around me to build a cabin and live off the land. Looking to leave on June 10th 2021 for new location. If it is a community of homesteaders don’t mind helping out my fellow self reliance and contributing to a community of like minded people. I have some cash to buy lot. If you can help me find a parcel of land please contact me.

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One Response to “Willing to travel”

  1. Joseph carney

    Hello I’m actually looking for same opportunities also wanted to offer u a barter I want someone who will go half on some land that we would split and then we would help one another build our own cabins and maybe start our own community down the road but first we would be able to own our land and have eachother to help partner in building two medium size cabins it’s just myself was married 18 years now divorced and completely alone last 17months feel like life to robotic wake up go to work make lots money for them go home live check to check watching others have great jobs and be able to buy big homes and I just want to be able to build my own home just don’t have family or friends if interested please touch base with me I also have saved good bit of cash last 17 months and would be able to split everything down middle which I feel with two of us we could build 75% of each our homes with just trees on land only have to buy small stuff food and supplies and we could get few tints and dig in