Im 31 and im tired of living on the grid. I researched things on living off the grid but never got to try any out off the grid. I have some seeds for growing and I do own guns that ill take (unless people dont want me to i just wanna get the hell outta here). I have some money for gas like $60 and im right by moscow idaho. I am easy to get along with not picky when it comes to people.

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5 Responses to “Want to build a underground house (im vegan)”

  1. Voldane

    We have a room and board plus profit share from the new market farm if you are interested. We are not off-grid but working on switching to solar this year and we are committed to reducing our grid ties. Private room shared bathroom and shared meals. We do have internet as well. Call 6203071129 or email

  2. Tanana

    My first question, with $60 for gas and being Vegan, how are you planning to sustain yourself nourishment? ‘Some seed’ without proper growing conditions, knowledge of long-term storage, and being able to actually grow enough to sustain life is paramount.
    YouTube videos aren’t going to get you anywhere.

  3. Dewey Lockette

    best suited post

  4. Gen Agustsson

    I’m tired of living on the grid too but hey, at least i am trying to find a safe place to stay and the option is off grid area!