Hello folks young and old! Wow how time have changed so fast. A year ago I and my family had just Purchased a very nice peace of land in Alaska with plans to make it home over many years as we are Canadian and would need to find work there and get visas and all. We love being out and away from the shindigs of this crazy world. This plan was great also as we have getting all paperwork in order this COVID-19 thing happens and everything has come to a stop 🛑. I have other post here and have met some great people here. Thank you 🙏. 

now I am not sure how I feel about how this is all going down or what I believe or don’t believe. I believe in a higher power that’s is for sure. I try to do good and fallow the laws, I have faith that gets me through. I believe in the past in history that I was born in the wrong Era. Do you think I am crazy yet?

down to the point. When the borders open up I and my family are going to our home in Alaska to live the way of the old. We have one other family that will be joining us. We are open to other families as well. It will be hard and not for the faint of heart or mind. There will be pain and hardship there might be death and sickness but I know that these are always part of our lives and it really does not change no matter what you do or where you go. I can promise those who do it you will be rewarded with new understanding new skills new peace and a new life. You just have to believe. 

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now on the off chance that these borders do not open our already off the grid family will be going more off the grid. Being remote Possibly on a constant move. I do not know what is in store for this near future that is so unbelievable. It would be nice to meet others that would be willing to do the same with us. People who are free thinkers, drug free, that just want to be left alone. These are my people. They are brave, caring, understanding, open eyed, open minded, minimalist, with an understanding or want of understanding of nature and the law of nature. These are my people. 

are you one of my people?

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5 Responses to “Times of change”

  1. Jody Dobney

    Keep me posted! I live in the US and have been actively looking for an opportunity to get off the grid and help build a substantial life in nature! I’m hard working with a passion for growing my own food and harvesting.

  2. Nicolai Bach

    This actually sounds kind of appealing to me.

  3. Homebummingit

    Being good and being law abiding are two different things. If you believe in some higher authority that has the moral and ethical obligation to rule over you, than you might want to ask yourself why?

  4. Misty

    The us has one thing still going for them and that is you have the right to bare arms. Canada do not. But you are right the way the countries are run is not right and I believe in do not harm that is unneeded. The law of the free wild world

  5. Gen Agustsson

    I’m not so crazy about so-called US any longer! I understand much more about nature!