Henry David Thoreau wrote, in nature you can find yourself.


So there are always two points, which blow up your mind: the real experience of live and what you know, think and believe about the world, the nature and yourself.


I lived and worked for a couple of years in Berlin. In 1998 I decided, to leave the city. Today I live in Pomeranian, Germany, not completely off the grind, but alone and outside the village and with enough space between my little old house and the neighbourhood. It is not easy to find a place offside in Germany.


I practice yoga and meditation, and I am interested in philosophy, science and literature.


I think: There are mainly two aims in live: health and conscience/knowledge, and

if you want to go off the grid, you first should know: why?


You want to be free? – Freedom is in yourself. You can be free everywhere, … but in fact, in society it is much more difficult as in nature.


I am now living more then 20 years alone, and meanwhile I wrote few books (independent published), and if you are interested, you can find them by amazon (but mostly only in German language).


So at all, … maybe I can help others with my experience, but every live is unique and so every way through live. And there is always necessity and freedom.

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