My name is Brian. I’m a newly saved Christian and I’m looking to possibly live with other fellow Christians off grid or at least find some kind of help to get out of the city and away from this crisis. I don’t have much of a plan admittedly. I’ve been living in a hotel for a long while struggling to get by, I own very little, I don’t have a car and I have very little money. I also have medical issues such as nerve damage, GERD and esophagitis.  I’m desperately looking to get out of the city as soon as possible. I have food and supplies I can barter and am willing to work hard and do all that I can despite my medical problems. I don’t have kids, I’m not married. It’s just me. Anyone that can help please contact me. Thank you for your time. God bless

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  1. Emma Burton

    Hi there. I’m in North Devon, uk in a small rural town of 2000 people . We are an awake family of 3.we have recently found christ and wish to live of grid with like minded people. However we do not have the finances ourselves to set this up. We are wanting to avoid all the new age movements coming through. My husband was a volunteer ranger for 15 yrs so knows alot about woodland management and wildlife/birds. I am a children’s writer and poet. Recently written a book about natural immunity and human connection. I’m currently writing a book about Jesus’s love for children and making it personal for children. This I was directed to do after askig in prayer what I should be doing. We have previously lived in a tourer and lived very basically. We loved the freedom of it and getting back to basics. We are both hard workers. We are learning how to grow food and care for it and foraging also. Survival techniques is something my husband knows alittle about already but hoping to expand that knowledge also. Always happy and willing to learn new skills. Our son is 12, Autistic so not so flexible but working on that.he has always been home educated but have 3 adult children who’ve been through the school system so have some knowledge of coming out of that part of it. We do child lead learning as it suits our son better. If anyone knows of other Christians doing the same thing please let me know. We are willing to move if nessesary but prefer Devon.

    • Brian31

      Hey Emma I’m sorry that things aren’t going better for you and your family. I’m located in Virginia ,US and honestly it’s been looking I’m going to stay where I’m at. Ever since I’ve found God though he’s been helping me get through one day at a time. I’m so thankful for having Jesus in my life. I wouldn’t of gotten this far without him. I’ll pray for you and your family. Stay close to God and don’t lose hope. Stay safe. God bless!

  2. kevin brooks

    good day, i live in a community of believers, we have a farm, house, make music instruments, make our own liquid shampoo to sell in our market, we have a restaurant to support ourselves and do construction. we sing every night together, many families, single people, widows, orphans. a moral environment, based on loving god with all our heart, and loving as John 13:34-35 says. we live like the first church in the Book of Acts, 2:42-47. if you contact i will send photos when you reply. we have a place in BC, on the island and inland 1.5 hours, in manitoba and ontario… we hope to have thousands of households across canada, open homes as a sanctuary, we are not an institution, not funded by anything except us working hard to provide for people coming in, people with a heart to care, from all walks of life, tradesmen to musicians, office workers, travelers, we just wanted to start over, i was a successful cartoonist, found this lifestyle, been in it 28 years… sincerely, kevin, contact me at:

  3. kevin brooks

    good day, i live in a community of believers, with a farm, house, make music instruments, have restaurant to support ourselves and do construction. working to growing as much of our own food as we can, we sing every night together, songs we write ourselves, many families, single people, widows, orphans. i will send photos when you reply. we have a place near you in BC, on the island and inland 1.5 hours. and in manitoba and ontario… but want to have thousands of homes across canada… not an organization, just people from every walk of life with a heart to love God with all our heart and love with John 13:34-35 Love, and that love has caused us to start homes that are not conformed to the world, moral environment, sincerely, kevin, contact me

  4. Gen Agustsson

    I struggle to get out of the city too

    • Brian31

      If you haven’t yet, turn to the Lord and stay strong! We need all the help we can get! I don’t know what situation you’re in but God cares. Call out to him! I’ll be praying for you. Stay safe. God bless

  5. cadence

    You might get more responses if you post a location.