I’m here to announce an opportunity for the right “Lady” to join me in my little abode in the woods. It’s not a mansion but a rather simple, cozy, working creation that I have been experimenting with since 1989..

It’s been totally off the power grid since day one, using solar to charge a battery bank and collecting rain water as my only water source. I compost my bathroom solids. No septic system or air conditioning. I have 2 fridges and a tankless water heater that operates on propane. I have TV (Firestick) and Internet. (Obviously) XM Radio/Bluetooth throughout so I don’t live in a cave..

I’m the real deal, not some fantasy that’s seen in magazines or on TV. My future plan to show folks my acquired knowledge and inspire some minds that there is a way to do this without a huge investment, as for a simple, working, frugal solar powered system. I’m nearing retirement and this will be my future endeavor, hence my search for a committed partner in life that would be interested in such a thing..

I’m located in East Central Ohio (U.S.A.) and plan to stay here. My roots are here and I seriously don’t believe I could find a situation like what I have here. 10 acres.. No mortgage.. Wooded and secluded.. Very private.. And, I love Chickens! 20 min. drive to two nice Cities so it’s out but not “Too” far.. Emergency Medical facilities maybe 10 min. away with 3 major Hospitals within that 20 min. drive..

I’ll be 64 later this year so I’m gonna hang it up in 2023. I have some of the normal “old guy” ailments but I’m far from being dead. I’m a fun loving guy but I’m very responsible. Don’t drink much and I’m very open minded. Been married two times but no children..

I will not deal with a loser! And trust me, I can sniff one out very fast! I’ve seen it all and it’s all been tried on me! All I want is a loyal commitment and total honesty, nothing more.. Nothing less..

I can provide a nice life for the right partner and the fulfillment of spreading the word by example by educating people of the off grid life with real hands on experience. This could be a lot of fun!

*Serious Inquiries Only* Age is no barrier but a level of vitality is. Just be over 21.. (And Female)

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2 Responses to “Off Grid Partner Interested in Learning and Educating?”

  1. Lisa

    Exacty what I’m looking for. Do you have a twin in canada?

    • 12vman

      Hi Lisa..
      No.. Sorry..
      The mold was broken when the world was blessed with me.. LOL.. ;)
      I never pondered the thought of becoming an “Immigrant” but ya never know. You do live in some beautiful country up there.. Keep in touch..

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