I won’t go into much explanation here, me and my wife have a piece of land in Thailand and we are willing to put some effort to turn it into an off-grid living area with small cob houses, the land itself is not big, but it is enough to start something, if there is need for more land, it is possible to acquire, my wife’s family own a large plot surrounding our own plot, it is not a problem, they also rent it for a very reasonable price for as many years as you want, since the place is located in a remote area, there is no demand for land in that area, prices are reasonable, but my interest is not selling anything but find mind-like people to start a project on the land.

The local life style is easy going, the entire community is composed of farmers, some do cassava, bananas, papayas, chillies, others do rice, coconuts, and some do it all in small scale. 

We own the land for over 10 years now, in the past it was used for fast crops like corn and cassava and also for bamboo, the land make border with a national park which is preserved and provide food forest, also there is a seasonal creek that runs in the raining season, I want to build an off-grid living area, I have a plan for that, but I can’t post it all here, contact me if you are living in Thailand and have interest in develop such a project.

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2 Responses to “off-grid living attempt”

  1. Mac

    A very interesting plan. I am currently in China but hoping to move to Thailand in the near future. I’m sick of modern world politics and values. Looking to throw my life and resources into a more natural, harmonious (and spiritually fulfilling) way of living.

  2. Gen Agustsson

    I’ve been wanting to live off the grid in the rural country side for years and i just want to get away from the urban society.