Hi. Hope I find you.  I’m desperate to change my life and I need your help. 

I chose the category that I AM off grid even though I’m NOT yet because I have land and need someone to join.  I have about 4 acres ON grid here in north FL but it’s so expensive and hot and humid.  My idea is to find someone that wants to live the off grid lifestyle.  What we’ll do is practice and try out a few of the technology here and then later, when we’re ready, we can sell this property and move to a better place.

I’m an older female and I’m hoping to find others who are old enough to have experienced a few things, and aren’t so young they still want to start a family.  I’m not ready to be around kids again.

My reasons for wanting to be off grid are partly financial but also because I’m so tired of the way humanity and society has changed.  Materialistic superficial existence is meaningless to me.  I lived off grid briefly and loved it.  Now that I’m back in the status quo I’m highly depressed.  

Living on grid is so much more expensive.  My electric bill is about $200 when I use AC or heat, but the taxes… before I put a mobile home here and everything else, the taxes were $200.  But now they’ll be about $800, which isn’t that bad, but when you live check to check it is.  Then consider things like the water heater in a home, the expense of replacing it is much more expensive than a propane on demand water heater.

If a tree lands on my mobile home, the cost to get a  new one and have it moved to the property is well over $20,000.  But off grid, living in a camper, the cost to replace it is only as expensive as a used camper and paying someone to tow it.

I cannot afford on grid living and I hate the way it’s not self sufficient.  If the central heating unit goes out, I can’t fix it myself.  But something that burns wood will last much longer, and can be replaced with a little help if need be.  But it doesn’t take a licensed electrician.  Or I can use propane heaters.

I have some solar panels (a little over 1k) but I don’t have the battery bank or anything else.  I don’t have a lot of knowledge, but I have internet.  We can learn.  But I need someone who is familiar with off grid, and KNOWS that this is what they want.  I need someone who can also contribute financially to help with expenses.  I will be working but minimum wage (when you live ON grid) only goes so far.

Florida is hot and humid and most counties are so regulated with codes that it’s hard to live off grid.  But I have wooded areas and some clearings.  We can grow food, learn to can veggies, experiment with solar power and see how many things we can run on it, we can do a whole mock up of off grid living and then decide where we want to live.  While we’re experimenting, we’ll have grid power, and AC.  I have a 3bdrm 2 bath double wide, so we’ll have some relief from the humidity and heat.

If we can work together well and make this happen, we can look for property together and put BOTH our names on the land.  This way, you’ll have the security of ownership in case a  tree falls  on me.  I’m not looking for intimacy or marriage, just looking for a partner committed to this lifestyle.

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14 Responses to “Need a partner, have land”

  1. Gen Agustsson

    i do not pay taxes 99% and i am not living off grid yet.

  2. Evie

    Hi. Did you find your partner yet? If not, i would be honored and happy to talk with you.
    I, too, am an older female that has struggled and come to the same conclusions you have. I don’t make alot of money and at minimum wage and even a bit above, life in the city and in mainstream is depressing subsistence at best.
    I have a 16 year old son (not a child and very nice and helpful, smart and strong young man) and we have bought a used rv and have been interested in going off grid also. Time, money and know how make that difficult. The buddy system is the way to go and we are doing that together but realize another grown, mature adult is key. That is willing to learn and work together.
    I too, am not seeking intimacy or such, and have been alone for 8 years in that regard with no plans or desire to do differently.
    Finding honorable others that are seeking the same as me and what you are, is a challenge. I have tried a couple times now and was lied to and ripped off.
    I agree Florida is too hot and humid and expensive and am also looking to relocate once I am able.
    This could be a perfect team for both of us. Please email me if you would like to chat further.
    Blessings, Evie

  3. Bradley

    I am on a Mountain on Hawaii Island, away from the Kilauea Volcano on Kona side..I need some help..
    I’m an old musician, Bradley Goodman on Facebook..we have a big Music network.. We need a Younger Woman or Some Young Guys.. With some money. for a place to stay, or buy some (agriculture only) land..We have the climate of Central California, 9 miles from the warm Kona Coast. Some $$ required! (Buy a Car?)
    To the original poster, above, I recommend propane heat, and cut those trees over Your head.. Aloha

    • Oddy Pena

      Bradley hi How are you ? Looking for Off the Grid Info came across this site , I’m a musician also and a music producer and DJ but right now I’m doing more music production working I wanted to make that move working from home so on the future I can live off the grid, what kind off help do you need ? are you renting land ? or selling ? you can look me up on facebook by DJ Tumbao Cesar Pena

  4. Shawn

    Hi! My girlfriend and I are in the process of going off-grid Alicia lived on a dairy farm, we are pretty handy and I was an electrician for 10 years. We are able to financially. w8n4y44@gmail.com is my email if you want to reach out.

  5. Carl

    If your really looking for a partner, then let’s talk. I have off grid experience. And skills. Solar power ,wind turbines. I can help on exspences. If you have a e – mail address, or phone number, let’s talk about it, and see what we can come up with.

    • ratnomore

      My email is go2monica@hotmail.com. There are 2 other comments by a man named Carl. Are you him? Just asking because I’m not interested in moving to someone else’s property. Are you close by in Florida? Maybe we can meet and talk.

  6. Dahlia Denise

    Hello I don’t know much but am learning as much as i can every single Day. Homesteading is my dream. Not depending on the government or a job is my goal. I read what you wrote, I do have a 9 month old, full of life alert and ready. This does not stop me from doing what I can do as I do baby wear. The town that I live in now is so so bad for us.. most people here are very judgemental.. mainstream followers.. we do not belong here, We belong in nature, free of all this stress and negativity.. I can’t even walk barefoot around town without anyone stopping and asking if I’m homeless or if I’m okay…

    I know how to make Kombucha and I know how to stay healthy… i have a lot of health knowledge. But no idea on how to build or stuff like that.. but am learning. I have a general idea.. my dad built stuff around the house a lot. Anyone reading this please find me on Facebook “Delylah Love Lopez” .. please message me.. I will start up a chat and maybe we can get the ball rolling on a community.

    • william brink

      I’m billy my number is 2098185736 call or text me anytime if you want to come to stay on my property in Missouri Ozarks.

  7. Carl R Gibson

    I have a lot of off grid experience, and survival skills.. If your interested ,just e-mail me back.

  8. Carl R Gibson

    Hello there ,I’m a veteran and a senior citizen, and have been living off grid for a few years now in Ky. ,next to a nice lake,band forest. Maybe we can help each other out. I’ve been looking for a partner and companion. Land and taxes are cheap here. And we have mild winters.

    • Maureen Byrd

      Hello, I too looking for someone share this experience with and show me tricks of trade..please email byrdkerri21@yahoo.com

    • Ashley

      Hi Carl please email me at shtfliving@gmail.com, I have been looking for a partner/companion to weather the storms with. I am a fit mid-30’s female that can invest a lot of sweat equity :)

      • billy

        hey Ashley wanted to know if you are interested in sharing my property in Missouri Ozarks? I am a very nice and chill guy 56 and getting ready for a new life without dependancy on the government. my number is 2098185736 call or text me anytime