Camper Van_Gogh
They call her Lay-by Louise.

A van-dweller in the UK has developed a tidy sideline in backseat driving. Together with her Vanfella she offers sex packages lasting one to three hours.

Louise, in her 40s, romps with blokes for £120 an hour — and her husband will even join in for a threesome at no extra cost.

She charges £200 for two hours. A 15-minute quickie is £55.

Louise tells fellas online: “Mobile with campervan around Cornwall. Genuine English 40’s Hotwife at your service alone or with hubbie fully your choice xx.”

She adds: “Please be aware I will not be driving myself to locations alone mostly for safety reasons but my chaperone will keep away completely out of sight & not interfere but is available to join the fun if wanted xxx.

“Very sorry to you older guys but my fun stops at 60yr olds.

Louise adds that she is a size ten with 34A boobs and will also meet women and couples.

One satisfied customer wrote on her webpage: “We met in her camper van, which was very comfortable, spacious and warm. We had a great time trying various things and sadly the hour was over. I plan to see her again (and I live over 3 hours away).

“Her husband sat in the front. If I had wanted, we could have had a threesome, but I declined. He was hidden from view and I barely knew that he was there.”

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