My name is Spencer and I am 20 years old. I am searching for someone with land that I could live/camp on. Has to be close to or in NY State so I could visit and be close to family. I don’t have much to offer financially, but I am a very hard worker. Willing to do any labor necessary to earn my keep. Of course I don’t expect to be taken care of. Just for a place to live happily and do what I can to help others. I don’t need much land, just an acre or less. As long as I have a fair amount of privacy.

Have always loved the outdoors. Not sure how much more city life I can take. I am a very open minded and wise person. Want to learn everything there is to living off the land and self sufficiency. Water, food, shelter, disposal, safety, community and all that comes along with those things. Would love to have a community of like minded loving people some day.

It will just be me and my small dog although I plan on getting him a little girlfriend soon so he can live on through their children. Maybe I can find myself a girlfriend too.

If there is anyone with land who thinks I would make a good fit, please contact me at Or leave a comment. If there is anyone without land who has a vision very similar to mine, also feel free to get in touch.

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3 Responses to “Looking to escape the city life and live mostly off the land like our ancestors did”

  1. John Whitehead

    I would like to speak with you about your off grid living in Alaska. Getting away from the cities and crazy people is exactly what I am looking for. I’m 58 years old and a jack of all trades. I think I would be a great asset to your plans and community.

  2. transgen

    i do want to escape the suburban area and i want to live off the grid outside of so-called untied states! i was looking for truth all my life! i just want to live in a quiet place!

    • Tanana

      What exactly are you searching for?
      I have property in Alaska I’ll be leaving for in two years.