We are a couple that are into our 10th month “off grid” on our 156 acre piece. Some infrastructure is in place but still a lot to do! Looking to build a community of people that can help each other with the daily necessities and further comfort for all. Would love to be efficient enough to have live stock some day! 

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18 Responses to “Looking for off grid – are you?”

  1. Looking4Achange

    Hello, I am interested in your off grid community, I have many skills but I love to build it is my passion. I have recently looking for people to go off grid with me or maybe go in together on purchasing some land where we could build a homestead community but so far everyone keeps backing out on me. I am a work horse, what I do not know I can learn quickly, I love nature and people who love nature. Please contact me to discuss details if this offer still stands at Free2bm388@gmail.com Thank you.

  2. Forest

    Hey everyone! I am a 27 year old single woman looking to live off grid and join a group or commune who want the same! I am very proficient in nature and amazing with animals. I love children and have a 9 year old son and I’m pregnant with another son. I want to raise them in nature and to be surrounded by a village of hippies. Email me if you want to talk! Forestchild005@gmail.com
    Namaste 😊

  3. Michaela

    Starting a homestead community has been my dream since i was 13 years old. I’m now 20 and realizing it’s not going to come as easily as I hoped. Rounding people together is my biggest downfall. I am looking to join like minded people who share the same aspirations that I do. Please contact me at michaela.c98@yahoo.com

  4. kevin

    hey awesome to see so many with a cause, i specialize in fortification security & auto mechanic & would love to offer my services. and free tip we could breed dogs to raise funds for any supplies people always want puppies me & my wife have bred many litters successfulkevin0@gmail.com

  5. John

    Hi, I’m interested in joining the community. I would be more than willing to help fund and build infrastructure. I’m twenty one and have wanted to go off grid for years now and I already own undeveloped land in NC, but even I can’t deny the fact the it would be better to join a like minded community. Please contact me if your still accepting people.

  6. Erin

    Hi there,
    My name is Erin and myself an my boyfriend (South Africans) are looking to move off-grid. In a little community where we are self-sufficient and are completely natural. I want live a completely natural and whole life. Please email me so we can get connected. Tell me where you are, what your reason for doing this is and how you have started. I am extremely interested and keen to start my life away from the bad, cold and cruel people out there.

  7. Vixen8806

    Hello, I am interested in this as well. I currently live off grid with just my dog. I am hoping to find a community of others that can work together.

    I am a 30 year old USMC veteran, I am a quick learner, and I currently live in Texas. My email is Vixen8806@gmail.com

  8. Matthew

    Hey! I’m Matt 26 years old have many skills I have been involved in the trades (carpentry and electrical) i would love to be able to bring my skills knowledge and passion for hard work to your property to help build an off grid self reliant community. I’m prepped and ready to start this great adventure. Please contact me at gundie92@gmail.com put “off grid” in the subject line or give me a call @ 2162806308 if I don’t answer leave a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks, Matthew.

  9. Trina

    To leave a reply it asks for my email so I didn’t include in my comment. This looks like WP setup but just in case its trina@akosmopolite.com

  10. Trina

    Hi there :) My name is Trina and my partner’s name is Ty. We have a dog and 2 cats. We also want to live off grid, live alternatively outside the matrix :) I’ve dreamt of living in community for awhile. We were trying to fight for some land here in KY and it just didnt work out, so we need to move at latest end of June. Until then we are looking at all our options and saving up $$ for wherever the Universe is taking us. Ty is currently a server but he is interested in Carpentry, he’s great with animals and nature. I work as an educational test grader online, but I am a healer, teacher, run a YouTube channel and site, I paint and write and love animals and nature. Let us know where you are located, thanks!

  11. Shawn

    Shawn again. I forgot to mention my email: Tigerbellyrubs@gmail.com

  12. Shawn

    Hello, my name is Shawn (Deshawn is my legal name). I’ve recently moved out to Vermont and have saved up almost $7000 within 6-7months from working at a KFC while renting a very cheap spot. Before that I did a temporary job on a farm here. I was soon planning to go homeless to further save up money to one day have my own cabin in the woods, but I am very interested in this. I may be a city kid who is unfortunately a millennial, but I have an old soul that needs to become self sufficient and I love living closer to nature. Hopefully I hear back from you soon to further discuss this. I have no GED, haven’t completed high school, no kids, have yet to get a driver’s license and I have no friends or family. I have no real deadweight, so I can devote myself to your service. Will pay to be picked up.

  13. Joel

    Hi my name is Joel and I’m 27 years old with 3 sons, a fiance and 2 dogs. We are wanting to go off the grid to live and would like to join others that want the same. We are willing to work hard and help others with anything they need help with. I have experience in farm work, mechanic work and I’m a carpenter. I don’t have much money but would work hard to help the community. If you can help me it would mean alot.. you can email me at joelburkeaaa@gmail.com. thanks

  14. Demi

    I’m interested. How can I learn more?

  15. Sigh Kawtic

    Im at my wits end. I want to escape this hole im stick in. None of my friends are serious about doing this
    Its all talk and no preparation. I am a 32 year old veteran who needs hard work to be at peace. I hate the dollar and have none but would happily trade my labor for room and bored. Im great for being a work horse. You need something done tell me and i do it. Im in middle missouri now.

    • D'amore

      Hi, I am interested in joining! I’m not afraid of hard work and am very hands on, I’m into gardening, water harvesting and other off grid related systems of regenerative living, currently living in needles California

  16. Linzie

    Kenai peninsula AK actually buying land to off grid about 200 miles out of town

  17. Linzie

    ok well where are y’all located