I live on 107 beautiful acres in central Vermont and am looking for people who want to live off-grid and homestead.

I am willing to lease you the land for nothing for up to four years if you are willing to develop your parcel. You only pay your share of property taxes each year.

This is a great opportunity to explore and experiment with homesteading without having to make the huge commitment of buying property.

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24 Responses to “Lease land for free in Vermont!”

  1. Lucas Carini

    I currently work in Burlington as an electrician, do you have any land left available to lease?

  2. Alissa S. McCarthy

    Hello Scott! My husband and I have been searching for an opportunity like this and I’d love to talk more with you if the offer is still up! Please reach out to me via email and I can give you a more detailed introduction to us. (:

  3. gscottgrahamstephens


    Just an update… as I have not been particularly responsive in the past month or so… it is the end of Spring and we are busy outside in the garden and working the property (as you need to be in the Spring — LOL)…

    Sorry, I have not responded quickly but living a life with the goal of self-sufficiency takes priority over just about everything else this time of year (electronic stuff — from Internet to TV is last on the list). There is still space available, but it is probably too late for this year given that it is almost summer.

    I am pleased to have one person really step up for this opportunity and has a big 4 season cabin tent to help him make it through this year while he builds his home for next year.

    Hopefully, others will be ready to go in the early part of 2022 to take advantage of this opportunity.



    • Kelly W

      Hey there,
      This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.
      My name is Kelly, when you have time (Planting hasn’t quite started yet so hopefully you’ve got a minute to check in!🙂)
      I’d like to talk with you, perhaps make time to meet.
      Email me at your convenience,

  4. gscottgrahamstephens


    Just a quick update. I just responded to the posts and requests. So if you didn’t get a response it means you were lost in the shuffle so please reach out again.

    We have moved forward with one of the opportunities for the land. There is one left.

    The person who we have accepted is planning on building a platform and erecting a canvass wall tent that accommodates a wood stove during his first year and plans to expand this in year two. He will spend the remainder of his time working on a more permanent structure, cutting wood for the winter, building a well, and establishing a small solar array. He was spending $900 / month on rent and utilities. The way he looks at it he could continue spending $900 for a total of $43,200 over the next four years or invest his time, limited money and muscle into something else. He has the right attitude — he is approaching this as an opportunity to experiment, work out the kinks and build some skills without having to purchase property.

  5. Amanda Gawith

    Hello, I’m 39 yrs old and have an 18yr old daughter that is very eager as I am to gain knowledge and learn through hands experiences of living off the grid. We both are from Colorado but living in kansas at the moment and have been looking for something just like this! Thank you and hope to hear from you soonp@

  6. Yvette Hamilton

    Beautiful land. I am very interested in joining in.

  7. gscottgrahamstephens

    Some people have messaged me to ask if this is real. It is.

    In addition to the 360-degree pics I posted on January 10 2021 to this thread, here is an aerial video of the property (I am just learning to fly and it is a bit jerky at times so please be kind with the comments).



  8. gscottgrahamstephens

    Be sure to CONTACT ME instead of leaving a post on this page! (I am not online a lot and do not check this page for updates).


  9. Michelle

    The world seems to have gone mad…. looking for the perfect way to escape the beast system.
    Joining an offgrid community, sounds like a dream. Single mom of an eleven year old.

  10. Paul Mcclanahan

    I’m interested in this opportunity, I’m a experienced camper and maintenance technician of 15 years. Garden, building etc. thanks

  11. gscottgrahamstephens

    Update: this is still an active post. I am replying to people individually when they message for more information.

    Thanks for your interest.


    • gscottgrahamstephens

      PS – it does appear that when you reply to this thread, I receive an email with your contact information and I respond to that usually in 48 hours…


    • Nicbar1984


      I am ready to make the move. If you have standard information you could send to give me a starting point, that would be appreciated.

      As an FYI: 36, living in NJ, tired of the lack of empathy and basic care for others. Hungry to be educated on living off the grid, an able worker with an eye for detail, and . Would like to be allowed to help and lead construction and maintenance projects, and spend time learning new ways to improve the gain from the natural resources available.

  12. camandjim

    Please let me know if you are still in search of people to join you! My husband and I have been searching for off-the-grid living and we have a lot of skills between the both of us. We are young (early twenties) so we have a lot of energy and heart to contribute! We also have a young daughter (3 years old) and a dog (border collie lab- would do very well in a nature filled environment). My husband could build cabins/houses, fix things, hunt, etc. He is currently a mechanic but has a long maintenance work history. I could provide child-care, gardening, cooking, etc. I am a certified phlebotomist, so I know a good bit about human anatomy and health and I am very creative. We are young but we are serious about this. Let me know if this opportunity is still available.4126zero93595
     Thank you!
    Cameron & James

  13. chris marien

    hey guys, i am christopher, 39 years old. I have been a chef for 25 years, worked construction for 8 years and have an expertise in farming agriculture both hydroponic and soil.

    • Jemma

      Hi Chris Marien, I am Australian female – your age – living in USA. I grew up in an alternative “hippy” town and am pretty much alone in USA. I just found this site and this is the first post I read and I just wanted to connect with you as your reply was also the first I read. Please reach me at channel jem @ gmail so we could connect? I am in Kansas and a little nervous about all the lymes disease ticks that are biting hundreds of thousands of people per year on the east coast, so ideally I would rather be central or west but just really want to connect with like minded people. I am also a cook and into herbs, healing, gardening and alternative living.

    • Sera

      Hi Chris
      I would love to speak with you. I have some land and want to put together an intentional community and organic garden.
      There is a house on the property .

  14. Edwin Matthew Adkins

    I am very interested in living off grid . I am a carpenter at heart and a handy man. Thank you

    • Jemma

      I am too and would love to connect more with people like this. Could you add me to your contacts? channel jem (at) gmail

      • Joe Coleman

        Hi Jem, I’d be interested in this too! Hit me up!

        • John Atkins

          Hello, this sounds like an amazing opportunity! Since my divorce in 2017, I have been traveling the south doing volunteerism, work exchange. Before the divorce, I raised a family, owned homes and businesses, taught the bible, etc. I have a lifetime of experiences that would benefit any community. I just finished my lady posting (tutoring a13 year old through 7th grade) and I cannot find my next destination. I am almost out of monies and would relish a permanent home. Please let me know if you are still looking for participants. Thanks in advance for your consideration. John Atkins

  15. Edwin Matthew Adkins

    Hi I am Edwin I am 54 years old I have survived in the woods and lived off the land most my life. I have done carpenter work and handy man for 38 years. Would be very interested in off grid living and show others what I have learned.