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I want to go off-grid but don’t have the money I found a place but it costs $550,000.

The place has 404.69 ha enough for a big community so I am looking for people to join.

It has 6 lakes and it has been primarily used for Hunting Camping, 4×4, boating, shooting, and relaxation, the property was used for sheep, but has been left to revegetate itself

Please contact me at

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3 Responses to “i want to go off-grid”

  1. Donna Walton

    Want to live off grid

  2. Victoria Perea

    Have you thought about how to secure funding in a way that’s safe for everyone involved? I have thought about using a go fund me or a kickstarter for this but haven’t really worked out the logistics… like will everyone who donates be able to come live there? or do you have to contribute a certain amount? and then is it going to be like everyone gets x amount of land based on how much money they contribute? also is there a way to guarantee this? not really sure how crowdfunding works… like if you pre order something on kickstarter and that product never gets made do you get a refund? 

    So like if a bunch of people contribute to a crowd fund with the promise of owing land in a sustainable community in the near future but then that doesn’t happen within a certain amount of time does everyone get their money back? I know crowdfunding doesn’t always work this way but, can it be set up this way? If not then does anyone have any other ideas? If so, Please email me at

  3. AngelaJones

    If you want to off grid then you use active target promo codes.