Hi there,

i’m thinking to buy some land and live off grid but have no experience on the necessary jobs that need to be done to set it up. i’m just exploring the possibility of sharing the land i will buy with someone that have skills to help me build. if you interested, let me know your ideas. i’m still at the very beginning of the process. i’m just exploring ideas. the ultimate goal would be to be fully self sufficient and be surrounded by like minded persons. we all seen the movie “into the  wild” so we know happiness only real when shared. 

hope to hear from you soon,


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10 Responses to “i got the money to buy land but zero skills to build.”

  1. Sabine

    Where would you want to buy land? İn what country? How many SQM s? 5 or 10 hectares? Lots to buy in Spain, Portugal, Turkey..And there’s a lot of professional knowhow about building houses..

  2. Yusri

    Come to malaysia. Warm weather. Beautiful island. I am planning to live off the grid on beautiful island with plenty of fresh water

  3. Dovely

    How is your plan coming along Alex? NY is rather a large state. Have you settled on a location? I have a niece with a homestead up by the finger lakes. She loves the location except for the bloody winter cold.

    • billy

      I have 5 acres in Missouri and I am looking to share with some good people for free to live off grid with me

  4. parallexmike

    I am located in New York and have also been considering going off grid for some time now, I also have some money put away and I have building skills. Perhaps we should talk.

  5. Aurel

    Hi! I am also wanting to live of grid and looking for like minded peoples to start a small sustainable community. I have some building and carpentering experience and lot more farming experience. I am living in UK and I would like to continue so, therefore my initial though was Wales (South Wales to be more precise), as they have The One Planet Development Policy. This will make it much easier to get planning permissions to get started.
    Where exactly are you thinking to go off grid?

  6. Solarity

    Hey man I just read your post, I want to inform you about a individual independent community ish setting in the place called beneficio, it is a perfect place for you to explore how to become off the grid, without the need of alot of money (u will only need money for food) you can place your tent here somewhere or build a small home and then explore how to become more self sufficient. Me and my girlfriend are doing the same here at the moment. We currently live in a wooden home in the mountains of beneficio and we just recently fixed flowing water here, we made a pool/dam at a small mountain spring and now have alot of dammed up water to fill our needs of showing and cleaning and also experimenting on the garden. If you want more information please email me :) maybe we would be able to team up in some time and buy this piece of land or move somewhere nice with the skills we have learned here.