We are looking to connect with, and potentially welcome new men and women to our homesteading community in rural north-western Spain.

For some very brief background: our ideals align with natural law, high morality, high trust, and a healthy lifestyle, both mental and physical.

We welcome individuals as well as families, who are like-minded and can pull their own weight at least financially or with their skills and labor.

If this sounds like something that could be for you, please visit our website and reach out to us on our email or telegram.

Website: https://www.homestead.community/
Email: info@homestead.community

Telegram: https://t.me/homesteadcommunity


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6 Responses to “Homestead Community”

  1. Al Leger

    Greetings. I am very interested in living off-grid and am keen to join with like-minded people in creating/growing a community that aligns with your ideals. I am an American currently living in Berlin, but have lived in more natural community settings before, and long to live together with people/nature again. If you still seek others to join you, please contact me and let’s talk!
    Any extra infor about your project, the land, logistics, current status, future plans, photos, etc are much appreciated. Thank you so much. Al

  2. Nic Groves

    Hi, my name is Nicolas Groves, I am 46 years young, though I call myself Nic.
    I am and have been looking for quite some time to live in a sustainable way.
    I have lived in caravans, housing cooperatives in the past, I currently live in a flat in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.
    I studied Rural Environment Management some 25 years ago and since then have worked as an environmentally friendly landscaper and gardener. I have worked for myself since 2005.
    I am highly skilled and knowledgeable in both horticulture and landscaping, and use mainly natural, recycled or reclaimed materials.
    I am a proficient dry stone waller, not quite a master yet, all comes with practice.
    I have good knowledge of permaculture and organic growing methods.
    I am very knowledgeable on wildlife and nature in general, both British and worldwide. I class myself as a nature geek, having been obsessed with the subject from a very young age.
    I am extremely physically fit and love to graft hard. I don’t drive through choice, as I’m very aware of the damage caused by burning fossil fuels, though I have a Full UK clean driving licence.
    I have done lots of volunteering from gardening through to digging out cellars after flooding events.
    I am keen to move out of the trappings of modern living and return to a far more natural way of life.

    Kind regards

    Nic Groves

  3. javon

    Hey are you still looking for members to join your community?

  4. Jonathan Ralphs

    I’m recently separated and looking to change my lifestyle and life choices. I have worked in care, cooking and more recently construction. I have nothing to offer financially but I will make that up with hard graft and commitment and a solid work ethic. If you would like to ask me any questions my details are below. Love the work and version. Jonathan.

  5. Eduardo Pino

    Hi, I am an architect, 50 years old, working at Santiago de Chile, but looking to move somewhere else, to live a growing new experience of life, off-grid, more simple, still modern, but simpler and healthy.
    I´d like to know if this community is english speaking, or not necessarily.
    Me, I speak fluent spanish, and not too bad english.
    Next question, What about land?, do I need to pay for it?
    Finally: Will my knowledge and experience as an architect be enough as to support myself there?, I know about building and design.
    Hoping to hear from you!

  6. Michael Todd

    With all this crazy, I have been trying to get an exit plan. Camping off grid in my 1955 Charter bus as been an on and off adventure for years. I do have a 2500 watt solar system and much more. Selling off items like classic cars, art work and so on has been my primary goal and while practicing and changing everything I can to off grid equipment and tools. This last challenge of “selling the house” has been saturated with predatorial real estate agents, scammers and so on. With so much equity , it’s hard to come to terms with walking away from the largest of my life savings. I don’t think it’s going to be worth sticking around with all the agenda and lies trying to sell a home here in S.Cali only blocks from the beach. I’m ready to pack up at employ an exit this strategy. Finding a tribe to add value to and even a female companion with like minds this would be great.