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I have remote property below Manley Hot Springs, Alaska. It’s across the Tanana River, on a private lake.
Working towards being there in two years.
I grew up living self sustainably and off grid long before the terms were cloned as used today.
Looking for honest, serious and like minded individuals who have a desire to live simply in the comforts of nature, thriving the way mankind was meant to live.
I genuinely looking to share what I have and know with others.
Contact me if you are seriously interested.

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10 Responses to “Getting ready.”

  1. Teresa Armstrong

    I’m interested in living off grid now or in the near future. I grew up in AK. I’ve got experience gardening, hunting, looking for a community to join. Spiritual, strong woman willing to put hard work in to make it a beautiful, growing, thriving community. I’m family oriented, I know some survival skills, & some wild edible plants. I would love to learn more, thank you! Teresa

  2. Gianfranco

    My homestead is on the slopes of green mountains so there are four seasons consequently summers are hot but in winter it’s cold and we use wood for heating.
    We are an older couple who live in the U.K. but we have a homestead in S.Italy 1.5km to a village, we are looking for some one who will cut the grass 3 times yr near the houses and the barn so that everything looks nice and tidy. You can have a friend with you or children or dogs or horses and eventually we could even consider the possibility to rent or lease.
    We have two houses and a barn on 7ha plot. You could have one house (at present off the grid) and keep farming or teach English on line or look for work in the area. Write to marilynandgianfranco@hotmail.com for more info, or tell a friend

  3. johnhenry


  4. James way

    I wish I could live and work in Alaska. I wish you luck in all your endeavors mate.

  5. becki

    would like a companion that knows more than me and like to hike a few miles to south fork misquito creek

  6. becki

    want to reopen a claim in alaska am planning to go in may would like a companion that knows more than me and like to hike a few miles to south fork misquito creek

  7. Cindy Morehouse

    Are you still looking for people? We are a homesteading family of 10 looking to go off grid in the Alaskan bush. Can you please tell me more about your plans etc.

    • Christina

      Hi Cindy,

      I would absolutely love to chat with you about your off grid plans! Although I am not moving off the grid, I am casting for a very cool docu-series, about people moving off-grid!

      Please email if you are interested and I will give you my number for a chat!

  8. Gen Agustsson

    i do agree with getting ready to move off the grid!