This is a group libertarian minded individuals who anticipate needing to shift to a more “off grid” lifestyle in a relatively near future. This is for people who understand that those of us who won’t accept the forthcoming vaccines will have increasingly limited access to locations and services such as shops, jobs, restaurants, travel, and more.

The intention of this group is not to teach each other prepper or survivalism skills, but to understand and plan how / when / where we can come together as a group to live more off the grid as we get increasingly wedged out of mainstream society.

This group would located outside of the US in order to more isolated. Currently we looking towards Mexico as location, but are open to remote tropical islands as a place to set up shop.

email me: if interested.

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8 Responses to “Covid Free Off the Grid Community in Mexico”

  1. Kate

    We have just arrived in the Mexico from the UK and are looking to set up an off grid community. We were farmers in the UK and have renovated several properties so have good skills! Please get in contact if you’re seriously thinking about Mexico. :-)

  2. Mary B

    Hi Guys, I’m moving to Mexico shortly (this fall). Never been out of the States, so I’m a bit apprehensive at present. Off-grid is definitely my choice, as this is currently how I live. Love it, would never change it. Just looking to connect with a few like-minded
    individuals. If anyone has community forming aspirations, drop me a line. I’m a hard worker, but I live pretty frugally ( so no mansion for me right quick). I’m coming with a small savings, and am in the process of starting an online business. I can go it alone just fine, but it would be great to be around people with shared values and interests. Cheers!

  3. AnnaF

    I am interested. Live in the UK but in the last few years I’ve been thinking about going off grid. So this crisis just added to this feeling

    What about Costa Rica?

    • MelissaImiya85

      I’m in the U.K. too! London. I want to join the community too. It’s getting tough here in the U.K.

  4. Anna

    Totally on it please email me. I have off grid experience and speak 4 languages so I should be able to assist.

    • John

      I’m moving to Mexico soon to help establish an off grid community. Feel free to contact me or “john kitson” on facebook (lion face profile pic)

      • MelissaImiya85

        Hi John I tried to email you but it’s saying email address is invalid

  5. Gen Agustsson

    I am nearly a hundred percent voluntarist but I am willing to live off the grid outside of the states!

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