Hi I’m Lesa and my husbands name is Jeff, we are in our early 50’s   We have a beautiful 25  homestead / commune in southeast Missouri. We have two other gentlemen living here and we looking for others to join us. Couples, single, male or female. Any religion, beliefs, sexual preference. Any type of housing you have camper, RV, travel trailer, van, tiny cabin etc..   We are small and upcoming, clearing, and building. Adding more animals all the time. Large gardens. We work together as a whole as a family Working to become fully sustainable 

There is one main farmhouse with electric and well water. Also an above ground swimming pool and hot tub.  The rest of the property is off grid, but could have electric run. There is about an acre size pond we stock. Pick your spot of paradise

if this is what your looking for or you would like more information, contact us, we would love to talk with you !  

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9 Responses to “Commune//community Ozarks Missouri”

  1. Rachel Hunt

    I would love to get out of this rat race with my 11 and 14 year old.

  2. Debbie Jeffers

    Love to talk to member in charge for more info. Ty Looking forward to The Natural Life as GOD tends.
    So Excited to do for yrs. My Passion threw these Crazzzy times,Want to prepare now my Family will follow when all Worst .Not This one Meearly 60 lady

  3. Debbie Jeffers

    Love to talk to member in charge for more info. Ty Lookig forward to The Natural Life as GOD tends.

  4. rj de fusco

    I would love to chat about your community. RJ @ 702.971.0663

  5. Gretchen

    I have a family of four- three adults and a child, who all would be glad to join and help foster a flourishing community with you.

  6. Andrew


    I am looking to go as much off the grid as possible. For 19 years i have been in the business world and with everything turned upside down right now i am finally wanting to realize my dream. I have MANY valuable skills, medical skills, and electronic skills if that would ever apply. I can build almost anything given the proper tools and i can run any kind of machinery. I am very open minded to all walks of lifestyle. I would really like to see the property and help as much as i can. I have around 3 years of sustainable income to do nothing but work and cultivate. I dont have a van or trailer or home. i would have to build one. If you could txt me 470-286-5177 or email me if you are interested in this newlife41515@gmail.com that would be much appreciated


  7. Wes

    Lesa, what is your preferred method of communication? And how often do you check your messages?
    You can text me at 832 994 1251 or email at wesdixxon@yahoo.com

    • Lunel Milien

      Good morning,

      Hope all is well with you. Im been researching off grid communities and I stumbled on this website. My name is Lunel Im interested on living off grid with my family and I. I am willing to learn anything reasonable. thank you