Would like couple, Family and or single female or both that would like to live and invest time and money


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4 Responses to “8ac, west side of Grand Canyon”

  1. Stefanie

    I’m new to this whole concept…if I am SWF, what kind of financial commitment/contribution am I looking at?
    Kindest regards,

  2. Jamie

    My family and I (myself, husband, two children, and my father) are looking for an off-grid community to join!

  3. Angela

    Interested in finding out more

  4. Brian

    Hello! I am seriously intrigued by your post. I would be committed to helping your homestead function to your desire, I will be devoted to my work and the only thing I would ask in return is food water and a few hours at night to keep up with my school work. I am 18 and have no experience in a climate like yours however I am interested in pursuing living in an area such as yours later in my life and to get some experience under my belt before I try it myself would be much appreciated. I am very hard worker and have worked on farms for a majority of my life, I am able bodied and a fast learner. If you are interested in me staying with you please don’t hesitate to call at 774-757-2530 or email me @bigwordsscience. My biggest cons are that I do not yet have my license (although I know how to drive) and I am badly allergic to gluten