The land is raw and undeveloped at the moment. I would like to build a small community of open minded people who are interested in starting a new little village.

Very near to nice lake activities, boating, fishing, huntiner, that sort of thing. Plenty of camping to be had on the land- ha ha.

I have a lot of ideas, but do not wish to place any permanent structures, only yurts on temporary decks, and earthbag underground root cellars/storm shelters.

It would be a small community of growing organic veg, greenhouse aquaponics, group projects, meals and communal living. Kansas City is 2hrs away for general work, but most of your needs could be met on the land. There are several towns in the area (within 30m drive), one has a walmart, fast food, hardware store, dollar general.

We could craft other items for farmers markets for those that wish a more off grid life. There is a lot to consider, this is rural Missouri! Cold winters, hot summers.

Everyone should be willing to work/contribute to pull their weight. Plenty of different ways to do that! Too much to discuss here, please email me.
I will most likely rewrite this when I gather my thoughts better…

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