[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hello there, my wife and i are looking to go off the grid. were looking for one family or other families to start a community. we have a 5 year old and we dont want him to grow up alone. we are currently located in Berkeley CA but looking in other states for land. we are ready to make this move asap, we are ready to free ourselves from this crazy world of financial uncertainty. we are 26 and 25 years old, if your in this same position email me we can chat some more. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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32 Responses to “Young family of 3 looking for other families with children to join us”

  1. Caroline

    I see you’ve gotten a lot of responses and your post is a year old now. I’m in Berkeley too! Also looking for land to move to, off the grid, with my husband. Would love to chat. carolineely@sbcglobal.net

  2. Melissa

    We are a family of 5 + and wondering where you ended up and how your community is going?

  3. Sherry

    Family of 5
    Wife 29 and Husband 32 and 3 children! 2 girls and one boy …8 ,5,4 ! We are looking to get off the grid as well ! We can’t take this anymore and we have no family to help us anymore .We just had a death in the family not to long ago .2 Months ago to be exact .The women who was helping us all along with money ,and we were helping her as she was old and needed us here to help her,she had no one.This was my husbands grandmother,he lost his mother and father to drugs. I grew up taking care of ten horses every mourning ,and night.There is no job’s around here ,and trust me we have been looking HARD!!! I was and always will be a horse back rider deep down… :) We all love nature and animals !!! Also a wonderful gardener ,and my husband is great at gardening as well . We will do whatever is needed of us and we are VERY quick learners !!! No only quick learners …but HARD and HONEST workers !!! We just want our kids to have the best !!! This system/rat race is not for them or us !!! Any help would be appreciated !!! We live in Knoxville,TN !!! Hope to hear from someone !!! Lots of love and blessings to you all and good luck !!!

  4. Aliyah

    young family here as well 25 and 26 with a four year old. we get income tax soon and we want to use it to buy land. i am happy to join together.

  5. Jaya

    Hello! I have been planning to post something just like this. I am looking for a group of people to create an off grid community. I live in Topanga Canyon, California. It is a wonderful area for just such a thing. I have a 20 year old son and a ten year old daughter. Please feel free to email me if this part of the country appeals to you and I can share more thoughts and details. jayaely@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  6. sunandseafrosty

    Hunter, where are you located?
    Steve what are you up to today? I have a small fam and would love to go off grid would like to see where you are now.

  7. hunter

    hi my wife and Ihave 5 kids and live off grid i have 15 ac and am working on geating another 40ac next to me .I want to start a community so bad it would be the best thing ever i belive.With people working together will be better proptection .and alot of fun all differant ideal how can you go wrong.we home school now and it would be great to have 4 or 5 or more familys if anyone is interested let me no we live in cadillac michigan, For all people trying to make it have fun it will be worth it .

  8. Ellen

    I am in KS, not far from the Missouri border… very interested in going off grid-very hard working and smart. I’ve got 3 girls who live with me…single mom for 7 years-we’re all tough & sweet! Email me! (I’m 32).

  9. Janeen

    I am a single Mom with one 12 yr old (part time) but am restricted to living in the Monterey / San Jose area as I share her 1/2 of the week with her Dad. Looking to go off-grid or live in an permaculture community, or ?? I need to be able to work part-time for income to cover some existing expenses, which I can do from any location that has internet. I have to move this week, so I am reaching out to anyone with solutions.

  10. Yari

    my email is seekgoodearth@hotmail.com

    anyone interested, feel free to email me.

  11. Yari

    hi! my fiance and i are seeking to live off grid asap. we don’t have any kids, but plan to start as soon as we live self sustainably. i am in antioch! please let me know if you’d like to meet up. also 26.

  12. freefamily5

    we are a famliy of 5. bill 60, jess 30 and 3 boys, 5,3, and 8 months. getting ready to move to south dakota to start our otg dream land on 160 acres. i have been talking to my husband about the possabilties of a shared “community” expecially with the property being so off the beaten path. email me if you want to chat some more

  13. Aaron and Darcy

    Lovelayna, our previous post was “posted prematurely” by our 3 yr old son. Long story short, we are a NE family heading out west sometime in Oct. We have already found another family that is willing to head out with us, as well as my sister, who is a vet tech. We have 2 boys, 8 and 3 and would love to have more children around for them to grow up with. We are also open minded and just want to exist around like-minded people. email us if you are at least intrigued a little bit: eyerighteye@hotmail.com

  14. Darcy

    We are a happily married couple with 2 boys, 8 and 3. My husband is 35 and I am 32. We are planning out our escape, with hopes of finding a nice piece of land to homestead. In these uncertain times the security that comes with controlling the source of our energy and food supply seems worth the risk of packing up and heading out. New Hampshire is where we have called home, but land prices in the north east are out of control and our current location on an 1/8 of an acre in town does not suit our dreams. Oh yeah and there’s a $1400 a month mortgage and no good work. We seem drawn to Oregon, specifically Klamath county, but are very much open to ideas. Oregon is ranked #1 nationally for personal liberty, and that means something to us.
    While we wish to sever ties with the system, this is not about completely withdrawing from society. Humans are social creatures and our kids deserve to have friends, so being surrounded by like-minded families seems the perfect compromise. We are not religious, nor are we hippies, eco warriors, militia or anything else for that matter; but if you are that’s cool. We believe in the Constitution and that you have a right to believe what you wish, provided you respect our right not to have your beliefs shoved down our throats. We are just regular, rational people who sat down and did the math. We have been planning and plotting ever since. Our current life is no longer financially possible, and it’s time to try something else. We are not looking to join a commune, simply to know who our neighbors are and have some other people there; even if at a distance. We will be good neighbors to have for people that understand this idea. We are willing to put the work in to make this happen. Our intentions include building with Cob, keeping some goats, chickens and a cow or two, as well as organically raising heirloom crops. We will be homeschooling, living off grid and under the radar.
    If (when) the shit hits the fan we want to be nowhere near and independent of it all. 2-10 acres with some trees and some pastureland within sight of water sounds about right. Klamath seems similar to what we know from New England in climate, just somehow better in every way. There are several areas with adjoining property available. It would be nice to know who’s next door. Also cars apparently do not rust in Oregon? SWEET!!!
    My husband went to school for mechanical engineering but hated not working with his hands so he worked for ten years as a mechanic/ fabricator building equipment before we started up our own construction company several years ago. I was raised on a dairy farm, became a foreman of a fabrication shop (not my husband’s, lol) and later ran a successful landscaping company before the economy came crashing down. We are not dreamers; we are workers and have the skills to design and build what we cannot buy. We truly believe that once we have land free and clear, a lack of money changes nothing but the completion date of our dream spread.
    If we can find some other kids for our sons to pal around with, and possibly people with complimentary skill sets(basic medical knowledge would be awesome as an example) who may wish to come sit around a fire and take part in a BBQ every now and again that would be awesome. Ideally we could happily lend a hand or ask a favor without feeling weird, stepping over landmines, or constantly deflecting attempts to “save” us. They used to call it being neighborly. While we are well stocked with tools, perhaps we could pool some resources for the big ticket items, ie: I’ll let you use my blank if you let me use your blank. Want to go halfsies on a common well? We still want to be part of a community, but a community based on Liberty and self determination, as opposed to a fascist regime or dogma. Remember what we once read about America? Let’s try it again. We could be ready to leave NH as soon as mid October. Thinking it’s better to buy now while what’s left for money is still worth something.

    Let us know if this sounds good to you and we can talk some more.
    Email us eyerighteye@hotmail.com
    Aaron & Darcy

  15. lovelayna

    We currently live in the New England Area and would like to stay close by but are open to moving for the “perfect fit”. My husband and I are both college graduates who work hard and still seem to be getting no-where. We want our hard work to matter and we want to benefit from it! My husband is a chef and has previously worked in construction with his brother in-law. I grew up with a step-father who owned apartment buildings and spent much of my preteen and teenage years helping him fix places up. I currently home-school our 3 children ages 2, 8, and 9 and work with children k-5 at an elementary school in the mornings and afternoons. We vastly enjoy gardening and animals and would love to learn more about living off the land. We are interested in working with hydro power and solar panels as well as building with cob.
    We would love to find another family who has already started this journey and would like another family to join them. Would love to have children around that are about the same age as ours. We don’t mind different races, non-traditional families or different religions, we are very open minded and just hope to live a happy sustaining life.

  16. Grace

    My bf and i have a 1 yr old son and are experienceing extreme financial difficulty. I have been dreaming of living in a community of self sustainment and get our of the system. It is just not working for us and are interested in meeting ppl who would like to do the same. I guess i am just looking into all of this and trying to find the right steps to embark on this adventure. We would like to be with a group of ppl that are trustworthy anmd honest, where everyone is there to work towards the same goal and build their own niche.

  17. Aaron & Darcy

    Hello to all fellow posters I have sent an email to those of you who put up an email address and sound most like us. TRICIA— would love to send you same. We are a NH family of four boys mom 32, dad 35 thing

  18. Manny

    Sorry, double post… the correct email address is mannymanny714@gmail.com and not @ymail.com. Please accept my apologies.

  19. Manny

    Hello, we are interested in liberating ourselves out of this misery and looking to live off the grid as soon as possible. I am 28yrs of age and have been married for about 6yrs. Currently, we have 3 children (10yrs, 6yrs, 3yrs and one on the way.) We are a very peaceful family, we home school our children and we have recently converted to Rastafari. I am a musician, tri-lingual, painter, PC Geek and my wife has a CNA Title. The only issue stopping us now is that I am about to have a surgery within this month (Sept. 2012) because I have 2 Herniated Discs. After that, we’re looking to relocate away from society because the world will turn to dust, soon and I don’t want the same to happen to my future generation. Please, contact me even if we don’t interest you as we are desperate! I am pretty much begging… You can reach us at mannymanny714@ymail.com May the Love and Grace of Jah Bless You!

  20. TheCl@rks




    We have found some questionable “communities” online and realize that some people want “off-grid” for criminal or evil intentions.

    We narrowly avoided going to a 20 acre property in 2010 when we found out a “child predator” was invited to live there. The other family unaware of this, invited him without doing some basic research first. This man has a sick kiddie poem he wrote on his own website and trolls the IC.org (Intentional Communities)website looking for a group/family to accept him in to their circle.

  21. TheCl@rks


    We have been wanting to go “off grid” for years. Getting tired of the long commute to work, here in Dallas and the ridiculous gas prices.

    I work in the technical support industry and my wife has been homeschooling our children the past 4 years. We have 5 children under 10. 1 girl and 5 boys.

    We moved over an hour away from my work so that we could have a couple acres to start raising livestock. Since February of this year, we have purchased 6 goats, several chickens, and a 3 year old horse. (goat milk is awesome!!!) We also made a very large garden plot we always wanted. We especially enjoyed the tomatoes and okra it provided us this year. Still, although rural, we are not as far out as we would like to be.

    We would like to find some land in Missouri with no building restrictions. We would like to move this Spring 2013 or early summer at the latest.There are a lot of things to consider when making a HUGE life changing decision like this. We have a lot of knowledge on what we should prepare to bring and scenarios that we may encounter in the process. We also know that there are important features to be looking for in a property that will be used for sustainability.

    If you are a family with children interested in buying some land together, email us here:


    Alternatively, we created a FB profile and page that can be seen here (feel free to join and post):




  22. Chris

    Me and my wife want to take are family and live life off the grid. A community would be a great idea. We are a family of 4 and my 11 yr old daughter is a type one diabetic

  23. Brian

    Great input here. I am currently building a house near Fennville, MI. The area has LOTS of state forest. I purchased 10 acres and their is another 20 acres to be sold behind me. Two sides of my property are bordering State land that is protected. I have plans to go off the grid with this A-frame. Solar/12-volt/rain catch the whole bit. Girlfriend and I have 5 kids ranging from 3 years to 11. Would love to have another family or two to live the lifestyle. (group gardening/firewood collection) Feel free to email me at fairbanks101@comcast.net

  24. Sarah

    My husband and I are interested in community living off the grid. We would like to build eco-domes and do square foot gardening. My husband is a big brain and has researched and learned how to create vertical wind turbines and hydro electric turbines. We have 2 lovely children almost 4 and 7, they are being home-schooled :) What states have interested you so far? We have learned so much about off grid living in the past few years. We feel that creating a community would be very beneficial for everyone involved. We know not only how to build earth homes but also how to compost, how to get nrg from composting, purifying water, re-using grey water, creating and maintaining living roofs and so much more. My husband is a certified nutritional consultant and I am learning about birth and will soon be a doula! Feel free to email me at sarahc.esh@gmail.com.

  25. Colleen

    19. Highschool graduate. Looking to start my career; that is, LIVING. I’m tired of being a tourist on this earth. I’d love to be a part of your family. Grew up in suburban town of Wisconsin. Always had a passion for off-gird/homestead living. I’m a hard worker and spend most of my free time writing, wandering, or learning from (my computer, but) recycled books and magazines are great too. Let me know if you think we’d enjoy each other’s company and my help!

  26. Sarah

    My husaband and I would like to go off the grid as well. We have a five year old boy and a seven year old girl and would like other families that are looking to do the same. We live in Arizona and are currently looking for the right location to do so. If anyone is serious about making this happen email me at sarahschafer7@hotmail.com.

  27. Barry

    We have been living off grid now for 7 months, we own 12 acres. We are 52 and 43 with a 16 and 7 year old. We too left the rat race in Atlanta and moved out here. We may be open to having another family here to share in the homesteading and self sufficient life style. We do have a garden going and have livestock but you would need your own living space, and means to support yourselfs, we are not at the point of supporting anyone. Check out my blog and see what we are doing. It would be nice to share in the adventure with another family with the same mind set.

  28. Tricia

    My husband and interested in going off grid and learning to survive off grid. We are 38 & 31 have 3 boys ages 8, 6, & 5. We have been married 9 years. I am a ICU trauma nurse my husband does construction. Tired of the rat race and looking for a family oriented group with children involvement. Currently live in Ohio but actively looking to relocate.

  29. Heather

    Steven, We are in Mo, partially off grid now and looking to move even further out and further off grid. We have 2 kids still at home, one is a 6 yr old girl. We would love to talk to you.

  30. Ashley

    We are a family of 4 looking to live off grid in a community with others while raising our girls. If you have any information or are looking for help working your land please email us at ashley7909@hotmail.com
    We are both x-cops with lots of hunting experience. Have 2 girls 7yrs. and 9yrs.

  31. steven

    hey Michael, do you have any kids? here is my email address jogirocks@hotmail.com send me some info about you, and a contact number if you can and ill call you,

  32. Michael

    I live in San Jose, CA with my wife and we would like to know more about your plans has we like the idea.