[before_listing images= youtube=null] In the next two years I hope to have property and a House that I could go off grid with. Hopefully build a self sustainable house for little money. Have a homestead and teach my children another why of life besides co- dependability of consumer living. [landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “yearning for off grid living”

  1. Nana J

    Reno Native here….moved away for work in several different states and just moved back to Reno/Sparks in Dec ’13. My hubby and I are semi-retired chefs, we can food, dehydrate, compost, garden, and prep for whatever might come. We’re starting over in many ways, but would like to get off grid soon also, preferably here in Northern Nevada. Looking forward to more posts in this group.

  2. Mom and teacher

    Hi Julie! I am right next door to you (Lemmon Valley) in Stead. I really want to go off grid too. Have you thought of going off grid locally? Have you thought of going-in with someone on some property out in RedRock and starting a ranch/farm? I’m looking to find investors to buy property with me so we can start something in Reno area.

  3. Julie Stoddard

    My daughter and I just moved to Lemmon Valley. I know that we will need to be off grid soon as Obummer is pushing everyone that way or into extinction. I know a great place to set up a place but it’s in California and I won’t be getting there soon. It’s 150 of God’s perfect acreage a half mile from the American River. That is my goal. My sister-in-law lives near and has cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and is producing her own honey. She’s pretty close to being sustainable all on her own. I may head to her and just make a under ground house on her property somewhere. It’s just as nice there.

    If you have suggestions for getting off grid in Reno let me know. We are looking to move out of the hell hole we are in now. Drama neighbors with nasty dogs.


  4. skeight976

    I am born and raised in the Reno/Tahoe area, currently being in Tahoe it doesn’t not seem sustainable, not enough sunlight/heat/grow season. But all along the valleys are great from Outskirts of Reno, I know Washoe Valley has alot of farming areas with windmills as well as solar panels. I love the Minden area the most nice green pastures, better soils, just as much sun and winds. The Eastern slope of the sierras is notoriously windy, so wind power is a great addition. I have been looking in the subject for some years. Check out TransitionReno, I have attended an event which opened my eyes to what the Transition community and the highly involved people have in mind for Reno’s future. I can only dream of living in an O.T.G. house, in a larger Sustainable Community.

  5. curt

    Aloha…ive got mounain land ( tenn) ..just want to talk with n 1 willing 2 help out….advice exc….thank you

  6. Yari

    if anyone with land would be willing to just sell me an acre at an affordable price so that i too can begin my otg life please let me know! seekgoodearth[at]hotmail[dot]com

  7. Kami

    I am starting off slow. There are some major hurdles in my way but they are but hills. So plans have change a little. I am going to have to wait for about 6 years now to get my dream but in the mean time I can do everything else but be off grid. I make my own laundry soap and have a garden. When we move into a bigger house we are going to have a much bigger garden that I can put away most of my harvest for winter. I want a medical herb garden and learn what all the herbs do. Chickens would be my first animal to get because they can produce meat and eggs. My inspiration is the people that are totally off grid living in the middle of Pasadena Ca. Little things here and there help move me toward my goals. Good luck to you guys and I would love to hear what you do to be more independent from corporal america

  8. kelly

    KamiLyon, I dream about going off the grid, as well, however have very little knowledge on how to do it.. i have a young son… hows your off the grid experience moving along??

  9. shasta

    I see you live in nevada. I have been looking at acreage around the reno area for off-grid. I have lived off-grid now since the 80’s and am not off-grid in cali on ONLY 10 acres. I had lived off-grid on 40 acres but sold a few years ago and now here on 10. I would like to again have 40 acres or more off-grid.

    how is off-grid in Nevada? What is a good area for water? Solar obviously would work well. How about wind power?

    Since you are in Nevada I would like to know your thoughts on the area… where would be the best area for me to look for land. Since I don’t know anything about the area, I don’t want to go by ads… people will sell you anything and tell you anything and then you realize(too late) you are not where you want to be LOL

    Where do you plan on going off-grid?