Beginning just over a year ago with the purchase of my 3 acre Farm land in the West Wimmera ,on the edge of a Native Vegetation Forest Reserve .My farm has a Wildlife Protection Overlay to protect the Red Tailed Black Cockatoos which nest in the Big Red Gums onsite .Have  a Caravan and a Shed which can accomodate folks ,eventually will be hosting a Farmhouse build in either Strawbale /Earthbag or Rammed Earth sometime in the next few years …plenty of camping opportunity onsite too .Personal Interests of owner ,GLBT movement ,Healing Modalities (Shiatsu ,Reiki,Chinese Medicine ) ,Buddhism and Shamanic Practices such as Inipi and Chanupa …welcome new connections

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One Response to “WULFHAVEN Permaculture Farm in West Wimmera looking to share with other GLBT folks into Permaculture Movement in Australia”

  1. Michael Connolly

    Good luck with all your plans,I am very interested in joining a community such as yours,Looking forward to more info.Michael