We would like to find some people with skills in baking and carpentry. A couple would be great.  we already have much in place 30 acres with 100 ft of commercial frontage. Endless Enigma farm is off the grid and on the  adjoining property we have an inspected commercial kitchen that we sell our products that we make. Our small town really need a baker. A great opportunity for someone that want to work.

My wife and I both work full time jobs and Im striving to build a BIG greenhouse to do aquaponics in and sell veggies and fish from the stand. the wife is in her late 40s and I in my late 50s. We both have a lot to teach, the wife is into wild herbs and gardening and Im into everything from brewing & blacksmithing and bushcrafting to the latest, winter camping. Currently building a bandsaw mill to saw lumber for the greenhouse and plan to start in spring 2017.

Please reply to post. Thanks


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3 Responses to “Working Couple Seeks Same for help with off grid farm”

  1. zenhunter

    sounds like u have alot to teach alittle about me Hello everyone my name is Nick I am a 35 year old single white male I’ve reached a point in my life where I no longer feel that Society has anything to offer me and I have anything to offer Society while it would be easier to just live off the street ask people for money and dumpster dive I would still have to deal with Society so I’m heading out into the wild wilderness I am planning on going out west into the mountains which is very very different from what I am used to I’m a swamp rat at heart in the Everglades South Florida I’ve done survival training for the desert for my time spent in Iraq and by trade I was in the EMS Field as a first responder combat medic while I don’t care for that field of work anymore if I needed medical help I can help myself I feel that Society is going to a point where I just no longer want anything to do with it money makes me sick and what people do to get money makes me sicker so I have a very very very small budget to start out I was hoping I could buy a used School Bus and convert it into a living quarters with a wood-burning stove the only problem that I found with that is where I want to go there are no roads with that being said and no family to really help me out financially I will be doing this all on foot I’m getting all the gear that I believe one would need to survive harsh Winters in Northern Montana mountains and I’m going to provide everyone a list of what I am bringing so you might either correct me on a piece of equipment that I won’t need and let me know on a piece of equipment I’m missing mind you I do not own any land I will be homesteading or at least trying to on property that’s it is not owned by me I am trying to do zero impact on the nature I will be living with but I will also offer my help to any off grid liver out there trading my work for education the land that I scouted is rich with animals fishing but another big concern big game predators such as black bear grizzly bear mountain lion I’m going to list my gear and why I’m taking it my first piece of equipment will be a crossbow a Centerpoint sniper 370 they are accurate up to 100 yards very lightweight very well-made easy to repair bringing bolts to fire with both large and small game tips the reason why I’m going with this and not a firearm is because the bolts and tips are reusable ammo is not also I want to remain as quiet as possible for I do not own the land that I’m living on thermal gear sleeping bag rated for below zero tent rated for below zero clothing for both winter and summer one large medium and small tarp water purification tablets eight ounce cooking pot firestick flint stick waterproof matches flare gun lots of socks three types of Footwear a k-bar knife skinning knife multi tool a hammer headed Hatchet an entrenchment tool I saw a rope which are really great at cutting and lightweight 1000 feet of paracord fishing line 10 pound test 250 pound test fishing hooks a cast net a hand-crank radio with flashlight and a fairly Advanced first aid kit last but not least bear gas if there is anything that I am leaving out nbtmiamidjs@gmail.com

  2. maddmouse3

    My name is Marjie and I am a single 51yr old female that seriously wants to go off grid. I was raised in a survivalist lifestyle home so I am very self reliant and have years of life skills. My son is 20 and lives with me. He teaches martial arts, weapons training and bushcrafting. Both of us have skills that lean more towards surviving off the the land and in emergency situations. I am not a carpenter, but I can and have built a home. I can bake and can goods but I wouldn’t say I have mad skills at it, but I do sew and garden. Living in a community of like minded people would be an ideal situation for myself. At my age(my son will go his own way soon)alone is not always the best way to go off grid. Like the previous post said, just communicating with others that are seeking the same lifestyle would be nice. Exchanges of ideas is always welcome.

  3. Edwardlee000

    My name is Lee. I am the husband of a beautiful wife and father to 3 year old and 10 month old. I am a home remodeler and good with my hands. In have some mechanic skills as well. My wife is a cook and animal lover. She can bake anything! It’s so funny to us the first thing you mentioned was needing a carpenter and baker:) I am 30 yeArs old and the wife is 23. We are anxious to learn off the grid living. We hope to own our own land one day where we can grow our own food and hunt our own meat. I’m so anxious just to talk with you more if for nothing more than to pick your brain a bit. Who knows maybe we can end up working together. Americanpaint000@gmail.com looking forward to hearing from you.


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