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Let us watch your messages, so you can go off grid
Huffington Post responds to the new trend for cabin porn. And it suggests a new business idea.

The online mag runs with a series of pictures of off-grid havens around the world
where the wired traveller can truly relax because there is just no broadband or phone access at all.

Botswana, Jamaica, St Lucia, Dominican Republic, Maui – ues, but when will we ever have the time or money to go there? Cheaper to pay someone to just take away our phones and computers for a few days and monitor our messages for us in case of a real emergency.

Come to think of it, is this a new service our readers would like us to offer here at off-grid? For those who really want to go off all the grids for a while – can we provide you a discreet and totally confidential service of email and phone monitoring from our 24 hour switch board (in partnership with Grasshopper)?

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