May 2019. My husband and I are interested in co-purchasing some land in west Wales, with a view to building sustainable and beautiful environment with earthships/cob homes in a loosely interdependent community. We are looking for people who like the Aberystwyth area (it’s not far from there) and who can put approx GBP50k (whether in hand or via a loan) into a joint purchase. The land is not currently zoned agricultural so planning may be easier than for agri. We are thinking that maybe five additional interested parties (either singles or couples) would about do it for c. 4 acres each with a couple of acres for ‘common’ areas, driveway etc, but we are open to either helping each other out to make the most of the land resource by coordinating efforts, or just ensuring we have like-minded, greenie neighbours. The land has mature trees and landscaping and mulitple water sources, so it’s not a bare sheep paddock.

We are interested in permaculture systems with a natural swimming pool, growing mushrooms for sale, having a garden with plants geared towards bee keeping related businesses and plants for natural dyeing and medicinal herbs. I would like to develop ‘slow clothes’ for my own use but also for sale if there’s enough – from hemp and linen and maybe wool. My husband is kowledgeable in permaculture, water and sewage treatment, health and nutrition, nursing and many other things – a useful person to have around! We are doing a cob building course shortly to learn the techniques, but are also interested in earthships for the ‘recycle’ factor. We are both learn-a-holics so we are always keen to learn new skills. We have done some research into alternative finance methods for eco-builds. We are interested in working out with co-buyers how we might make multiple incomes from the land, using permitted developments perhaps to have eco-holiday lets or permaculture retreats or similar in the future, but the vision doesn’t have to be grand to get started – we are looking for people who want a slice of some lovely, affordable, imminently productive land and are keen to do a sustainable and beautiful eco-build.

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If this is of interest, please reach out asap so we can discuss.

We are going ahead anyway as we are trying to negotiate a portion of the land if no-one else is keen, so this is definitely a happening thing.


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6 Responses to “We’ve found somewhere that looks good and need some co-buyers”

  1. PennyandLeila

    Will do. Thanks. Best of luck with your venture!

  2. Rachel Aurora Doe

    hello I’ve seen.your add in a few places . sounds amazing . making natural products like honey, goat milk ect ect sound a amazing. people are drifting towards thus type if thing. could do a mediation camp holiday with yoga and star gazing ect . I can help with this. I’m wanting to be a paramedic I’m volunteering with st John’s ambulance doing a course atm. I don’t have 50K. if I could get a loan . I would. the thought of having a community off grid sounds amazing. and the idea of doing “get away off grid breaks” “natural holidays” ect ect we could provide a adventure holiday for people who want to experience how we live (I’m there all ready lol ) do yoga, meditation, different classes, courses ect ect i can help i meditate and am booking in to do.a reiki course and more . everyone in the community chips in to earn there keep. … I’m done with life in this mess we live in. let’s grow our own food and live off the land

  3. Paul

    Interesting… 🤔 Me and a friend have been discussing exactly this, curious what a 50k buy in would offer, bit rich for us ATM, we looking for something cheaper. Happy to discuss at some point. Reach out and I’ll keep eye’s peeled, good luck 👌

    • PennyandLeila

      We are still researching different regions after putting our apt on the market. Will update over the month. 👍🏼

    • pj.livingstone

      No worries, that sounds good. Let us know if you want to discuss further.