[before_listing id=390 images= youtube=null] Have a saltwater disposal well with fres Building a man made fishing lake where I intend to have slots

for RVs for long term living h water
sales station on my property. Off grid with
grid stub up still available should I need to
switch back for some reason.while I help
people find the right piece of land for their
self sufficient food producing farm that’s totally off grid.

This is desert, abandoned farm land all around for many miles. Mennonites are moving in, buying up the abandoned farm land, and making it
produce again. Land is cheap…$100-300 an acre. [landbuddy_listing id=390 youtube=null]

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15 Responses to “West Texas off grid farms”

  1. TheLen

    I would be interested in looking at some land plots if you still have them available? If you could message me or email me at itvfbapp@gmail.com

    • ol' Lawrence

      With all the oil and gas drilling activity in the area, there is no more cheap land. $6,000 to $20,000/acre now in Reeves
      county around Balmorhea, Saragosa, Pecos, and Toyah. Only a very few have off grid homes on small acreage now
      in this area. Almost all have been bought out and moved away.

      ol’ Lawrence in west Texas

  2. Jesse Long

    If worse comes to worse, I might be willing to make a deal with people who own off grid land in West Texas. All I would need would be a fourth of an acre where I would build my own home. I don’t have any money. I would need to be sure that I had access to water, hunting, hunting and fishing. Maybe push a wheel barrel 5 miles to town and back.

  3. ol' Lawrence

    Here it is, 5 years later. Most of the abandoned farm land here in west Texas has been bought by Mennonites and put back into farm production…using center pivot irrigation systems….and they are raising feed for dairies
    and feeder cattle operations.

    There are still some small parcels of land….5 to 40 acres available for $500 to $1000 per acre.

    AEP has just covered a SECTION/640 acres with solar panels and are sending the power to San Antonio…..so
    we have PLENTY of sunshine year around to support solar operations off grid.

    In some places the water table is only 20 feet down….or like on my farm….450 feet to Barilla water aquifer.

    Contact the city offices in the area: Balmorhea, Pecos, Toyah, Coyanosa, Pyote, Monahans, Fort Stockton,
    Van Horn….all in west Texas….for more information on what is available.

    ol’ Lawrence

    • TheLen

      Lawrence Greetings. Im looking for a few affordable land plots for starting a small off-grid terrace of my own and was wondering if there is still any land available that you are aware of that is reasonable for the prices you mentioned? If you could email me at itvfbapp@gmail.com I would really like to discuss this opportunity with you if possible. Much thanks for your kind information.

    • bruce macdonald

      Lawrence or any people near the area, I have an idea that is not a scheme just something I wanted to answer. If anyone is willing to dialogue, it will not take much time for a chat,

  4. Lawrence

    Land not available any more. Many have moved in, buying up all the available abandoned farm land.
    You’ve all missed the opportunity to own cheap
    farm land in west Texas. Lots of oil and gas drilling activity in the area now.

  5. Suzanne

    Interested in going off or semi-off grid. Just starting to research and look for land. Interested. Thanks.

  6. DJ

    send me your email and info. we are in our 50’s
    no baggage and ready to boogie

  7. WestTexasLawrence

    Contact me for more information at:

  8. Juan

    same here any information i.e. (contact info, water wells, ect.) would be greatly appreciated

  9. einzel

    Do you have more info? Water? How to contact?

    I must also echo this question

  10. Jim

    I am looking for about 2 to 4 acres with some
    water on it…. and flat areas to garden. Fruit
    and nut trees a plus. Please leave me a voicemail at 713-389-8766. Accessiblity is not an issue as long as I can get to the land by some type of vechile. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  11. Alsace

    Do you have more info? Water? How to contact?

  12. brad

    Do you have more info? Water? How to contact?