[before_listing images= youtube=null] Looking for other hard working people to buy and share land and woodland in South or Mid Wales. With some south in its aspect and a natural water supply. To set up a couple or few modest low impact dwellings, living within the resources that the land can sustain comfortably.

My hope would be to divide it into reasonable plots with some communal areas. To share the labour, tools and experience required to build, plant and create a healthy agroforestry system based on permaculture principles. To do this below the planning radar until we can establish lawful development after 4 years. If the planners don’t bankrupt you then the building regulations will trample on your dreams.

I can offer extensive woodland management experience, some horticultural, farming and building experience and a lifetime of collecting skills and knowledge relevant to this dream, including some misspent years in local authority. I have a constant curiosity regarding nature and ways of harnessing its bounty with a reverence for its beauty.

I don’t believe that full self sufficiency is achievable or desirable but would like to live frugally on what we can make or grow for ourselves with modest incomes generated from fairly traded external work.

I am married although no children as yet.

If your dreams sound similar then why not get in touch and we can figure out a way to make it happen.

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