[before_listing images= youtube=null] Looking for other hard working people to buy and share land and woodland in South or Mid Wales. With some south in its aspect and a natural water supply. To set up a couple or few modest low impact dwellings, living within the resources that the land can sustain comfortably.

My hope would be to divide it into reasonable plots with some communal areas. To share the labour, tools and experience required to build, plant and create a healthy agroforestry system based on permaculture principles. To do this below the planning radar until we can establish lawful development after 4 years. If the planners don’t bankrupt you then the building regulations will trample on your dreams.

I can offer extensive woodland management experience, some horticultural, farming and building experience and a lifetime of collecting skills and knowledge relevant to this dream, including some misspent years in local authority. I have a constant curiosity regarding nature and ways of harnessing its bounty with a reverence for its beauty.

I don’t believe that full self sufficiency is achievable or desirable but would like to live frugally on what we can make or grow for ourselves with modest incomes generated from fairly traded external work.

I am married although no children as yet.

If your dreams sound similar then why not get in touch and we can figure out a way to make it happen.

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22 Responses to ““We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work””

  1. UKchris

    I hope your dream came true to get the land and buildings up. Your 4 years to get retro planning permission must be just round the corner??? I am wondering if you are still looking for like minded people to join you in your experience. It sounds really exciting and after a many years in the rat-race I am looking for a different direction to life. I have many skills from building and grew up on a farm – though many years ago. Hope to hear from you. Regards Chris

  2. Mike

    Hello to all.
    Ill be brief. I’m looking to buy land and begin building.Preferably by the beginning of summer 2018.
    I’m have a hydro-electric company and build hydro turbines and have a working knowledge of carpentry and building.
    I currently living semi-offgrid in a small railway carriage on rented forest, with my long term partner. We need something that is ours so that we can establish ourselves and explore more avenues of self sufficiency.

  3. OP

    Sorry this went cold. Life changes though the dreams live on. I hope some of you hook up but I am unable to join you.

  4. fridgeways

    Yup summed up my wants pretty well.

    Unlike the OP I am ready to go now.

    can find me via googlemail

    Give me a shout


  5. Odinson

    Looks like this is a non starter……Ive been following this for a couole of years now , but not even updates as to where its at…..

    Op – give us an update please??…

    You already have my email addy from previous times….but that was 18 months ago….

    Cmon, if its a non starter just so we can look else where…

  6. jamie

    anything happening with this

  7. fridgeways

    Please send me an email (this goes for anyone else in a similar position), my username is also my gmail address…

    Sounds like we have very similar goals here, also married, no kids.

    I want nice neighbours, not try and force an extended family/ commune type arrangement, so boundaries are important. But i did also have a mind towards some “common ground” for grazing and whatnot.

    Would like my own projects for me an my family, but also would like some joint projects.



  8. Thomas

    Hey Friend , we were going to meet up …then nothing?…lol
    How are things moving on your front?

    you have my email…let me know how you are getting on

    Regards ,


  9. trapper

    Hi same as all the ormer comments Iam seeking to get off grid. I am a woodworker self taught and into simplicity of life styles particularly looking to learn woodmanship coupled to my craftwork as a means of living email me with any developments Regards

  10. Thomas

    so whats happening about this ? …anything moving??


  11. Thomas

    Hi ,
    Im an electrician with more than a few other fringe skills.working knowledge of solar/ alternative power and heating .outdoors type and OH also…not that far from you , so if your up for a visit to discuss …let me know by contact as soon as poss…Cheers T

  12. Alex

    Looking to do a similar thing. I’m 19 with experience in farming, gardening and fishing, also have a little experience as a tree surgeon. I look forward to hearing from you

  13. jamie

    am very interested have similar thoughts myself looking for a place to become self sufficient as much as possible am a joiner, builder, mechanic, gas engineer, lots of experience lots of tools am looking to be part of a group in self sufficiency as I believe that you cant go it alone look foreward to hearing from you, kind regards jamie

  14. jup

    Hi im Jup,
    In wales now and would love to try to live as light a print as possible. recently been looking at woodlands in south wales and thinking of ways to make it happen!
    Time served plumber who spent a year in Oz fitting solar water and electrics.
    Just turned 30, and I’v got to be the change I want to see!

  15. Big Ben

    I’d love to be involved; i’m 27, shropshire born and bred and i’m looking for as close to self sufficiency as possible. I can do alot of the work needed to set up a home off grid and would love to help out.

  16. Wild Witch

    Hi, i’m a 37 yr old married mum of 1 who is trying to break free from civilisation to learn skills for eventual off grid retirement. I quite happy to pack my camping gear and come and lend a hand for a week or 2 at a time wherever I can. I don’t mind mud or poo, I’ve been to too many farms and festivals to be precious and have seen all the parasites that animals carry as I am about to retire from a Veterinary diagnostics Lab. Give me a shout, i’m willing to give anything offgrid a go.

  17. Chris Richards

    I’m a 54 y.o. carpenter and builder. I’ve most of the construction tools and skills you may need. I’m not that into communes, prefering to do my own thing but I’m cutting myself loose from my bricks and mortar shortly to live in my van. I wouldn’t mind lending you a hand for a week or two.

  18. nicoal

    Hi we are a family of 7. We just started homeschooling are children , my husband is a computer engineer, I a sahm. We are a laid back family that really wants to buy land and live off the grid. We ideally would love to meet other families who would like to live off the land. Grow gardens, raise live stock ,sew clothing ,can food . We are nonsmokers, nonreligious, but respect others beliefs as long as they are not pushed on us.just looking for fun happy families not afraid of some work. Willing to consider getting land any where.I grew up on a farm, my husband is a out doors man fishing ,hunting, I am learning to can and sew, I majored in child development and am homeschooling.

  19. Wessel Jonkman

    I’m a 20 year old student from the Netherlands and I’m looking to go off grid and be as reliant on nature as possible. I would love to live in a small community where we’d grow our own produce in a sustainable way. I do not have any desire to partake in society and I am looking to get out as soon as possible. With careful planning of course. I do not have any particular skills as of yet, but I am eager to learn.


    Wessel Jonkman

  20. Adam

    Thanks Jean,
    I will write to you directly to discuss.

  21. Jean Wright

    I would be interested in living off grid. I am a single mum of 52 with a 9 year old son so I would need to get him to school and need to work at least part time to keep myself. Im not sure what I could offer but Im willing to give it a go