Me and my wife are in our mid 40s, and we have had dreams to have our own off the grid land for 5 years now. with the current state of the world we decided to jump now. our credit isn’t the best and i find myself getting shot down often, even though we make $3000 a month. 

 So we went back to the drawing board. i’m aware of people use stay on BLM land in travel trailers…. i thought, cool,we will do that and stack money for the land while paying off a camper. sorry, rv’s are considered a luxury item, therefore you need excellent credit. all i can think in my head is “bullshit, i know people with worse credit than me who have rv’s” I feel like there is a simpler path to our goal than this. What are we overlooking? who is out there to help people like us?

 We want to open a cat sanctuary/rescue on our property when we get it. we kind of operate one now, so we have a lot of cats, which is why we haven’t tried to join someone else’s venture. We are grasping at straws determine
to jump out of this crumbling shell of a rat race. can you offer direction? what should we do?

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3 Responses to “We need guidance”

  1. Dovely

    There is always another way… how much or little cash you have at the moment or could have in say another month would dictate your path. I only pay cash for things so I don’t really have any data on how those Pirates work. Me, I would look for an acre of land with options down the road. You really can buy an acre of land for $2000 but you’ll have to hunt for it. More data is needed before I can make suggestions. You can email me if you’d like to hear some of my ideas. Angelina

  2. Gen Agustsson

    we need to stop working as slaves and have freedom!

    • arizonacoltsfan

      I agree, we are ready to trade in our hamster wheel for actual living!

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