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We just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the BBC show “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, since it really helps to see someone making a go of it, and with such humor.
Unfortunately, being in the US the only way to see the show (with our cable that is:() is on the Sundance channel, and that’s about a year behind. But if you can catch the show it’s a wonderful testment to what can be accomplished going off-grid/green, yet still live in todays world.
If you are lucky enough to be in England or visiting there you may be able to take courses from them, though if planning to travel we would advise making sure they have some going. They have a website that answers questions about the show, courses they offer and even a forum.
Brigit, the mom on the show, has started a charity called “The Big Green Idea”, which we have added a link to the right, to help those in UK go green. She has several idea on how the charity will work as it is still in start-up/beginning stage. You can read about the charity here.
I hope you will find these sites as helpful and encouraging as we do. They just prove that going green and off-grid doesn’t mean that we have to go back to the dark ages.
Now all we have to do it get American TV to show Americans enjoying going off-grid here, to really encourage us. We have a good success rate of doing BBC shows here, so maybe it’s already being done, will check into that. If you know drop us a line so we can get the news out.

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    […] We Love It’s Not easy Being Green was about the BBC show on a family transforming an old farmhouse to their off grid utopia.  We haven’t seen anything about another season but the charity they started The Big Green Idea has continued on.  Starting in summer 2008 they plan to have a green double decker bus touring the UK to let people have hands on experiences of products used to get off grid, while also offering movie and documentary viewings. Even though these sites are geared for the UK they are a great source of ideas to bring across the “pond”. […]