Hey everyone ! We are building off grid sustainable sites by the lake . Come join us and work or donate to experience the life project many are pursuing these days! If you see this post then we are still active.

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20 Responses to “We have off grid property by the lake come join us”

  1. brokenscarecrow

    would love to join u. tigershark69@yahoo.com

  2. shawn

    Im all about joining and contributing to the comminity please get back to me to discuss more.

  3. melesa

    I’m interested in joining an off-grid community with like minded people. Where are you? What state? I’m looking for a place to settle. Email me at melesakuehn@yandex.com

  4. Dick

    Hi there are three of us. A gardener/Baker/handyman, a crafty/cook/child care, and a security/chef/bushcraft/survivalist. Email me crippledcouple8893@gmail.com

  5. angelika

    I’ve been living up on the olympic peninsula. My family and friends live up here. I am looking to buy my own land and open to investing together . We should talk. Please get in touch.

  6. cynthia

    Int.in more info plz!

  7. dblake

    Where are you? Which state, which lake? We are looking for someplace to settle.

  8. Randi

    Hello! My husband and I are in Michigan and want nothing more than to do something like this! He is VERY good with building and general maintenance and I am a quick learner that loves to help. If this is still happening or if you know of any others please let us know! randi.r90@gmail.com

  9. Kitten.Fuzz.Puff

    Hi, I’m a single christian female looking for like -minded people to go off grid with, I have 3 cats, no experience though , but I’ve seen the earth ships and mud houses and things that withstand harsh weather. I really love the ideas, and would sincerely appreciate if someone could help me build my dream, and if anyone is willing to share their land with me, it would be a sweet blessing..I could help them build theirs too (p.s. I AM good at decorating 😊).Thanks for reading

  10. Tarzan

    Hello all ! Please refer to this email for corespondence and we would love to here from you. Thanks !
    Tarzan and Jane

  11. Martin Germain

    Still are wanting to come check it out in February.

  12. Mickiof the mountains

    I would love to hear how you all are doing. I am a mature off grid woman, with a critter that follows me around. I have experience, knowledge, and good vibes n energy. Please email me, at…. mickiofthemountains@gmail.com thank you!

  13. Jonathan E Kuebler

    Would like to find out more. Considering joining a community off the grid. Please respond. Thank you..

  14. Jamie Cabral

    Definitely want more information and want to know more about your vision!

  15. CountryGeek

    After reading your post I would like to see what you are needing assistance with and if you could provide more details about your expertise I would like to see where I can bring some assistance in as well. If you could email me at itvfbapp@gmail.com I would like to communicate with you in more detail. Much thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

  16. FreeBirdHealingRock

    Hi! I came across your listing and I’m interested in chatting with you and and learning more about the opportunity. I’m 33 years old male, been living an unconventional life for years now, and I’m hoping to find some place to plant roots and live in peace. I feel my skills would be an asset to an off grid community of people who share similar dreams. I hope to hear back from you!

  17. Derik

    where abouts are you located? i am in colorado. i am a garden farmer. i operate a 15000 sq ft greenhouse and 4 acre

    • Arnold

      Hey im arnold i have a life long dream to live of the grid self sustainebol away the older i get the more i widrow from reality as mass media i feal like an alian among the people i know
      On the moment im facing my fears and wanne wedrow from the system
      That what the call life is no life if you ask me can knit make some art can build some structures whit robes and wood