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Posted by Kim Blakewood on February 22, 2011 at 2:47pm
Hi My name is Mr.Kim so you will not be confused. I have been researching living off the grid for about three years now. We are moving to our property march 3 2011 and we are going to start building A wind/solar farm and our home.
I thought to start a co-op of people who wanted to also get out from under the rent monster. And who are tired of being a slave to the system.
Tired of working for the power company the phone company and your landlord H.O.A.’s telling you what color you can paint your house. Every body having their hand out at every corner. gas prices robbing you at every turn.
Well Any one who is passing by can come visit or help out as we will set aside an area for visitors to camp and see the stars at night in the day we will be working on building a great house using forklift pallets and recycled wood from used fences construction waste and Craig’s list free submissions.

We are asking any one who may be in the area who can haul a load of scrap lumber, pallets,fence post,pickets or runners come on by we will have dinner and look at the stars by a camp fire. Here is our web site http://westtexasgreenenergyco-op.ning.com so you can ask for directions going west you take I10 to Van Horn and take a right at hwy 90 go twenty miles and look for the sign WINDFARM and you are there.

We are building a co-op for green energy and you can be part of it. We ask that you respect the land and do not bring alcohol or drugs on the land we ask that you take any trash that you make away with you when you leave.That being said I would like to offer friendship to those who want to live off the grid and those who do.

We will be teaching skills for living off grid as well as learning new skills. In the next two years we are going to erect twenty wind turbines and make solar arrays that will cover a 1/2 acre using nano solar peel and stick solar panels. That is our goal to bring our members all the news about what green energy can do for them so sign up today its free to join.

Subscribe for 30.00 dollars a month for twelve months and when we sell power to the grid you will get a check. E-mail us westtexaswindfarm@mail.com as always we will be glad to answer any questions you may have thank you for your time. Reverend Kim Blakewood[landbuddy_listing id=337 youtube=null]

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