Juliette Smith |

Water fountains and other garden features can be powered by small solar panels. Here’s where to find the cheapest ones.


Solar Pond Island 39 from Greenfingers.com. No wiring needed: simply place this solar fountain in a pond or water feature, it’ll produce a spray of about 45cm. It’ll help oxygenate the water as well.

Langhale Gardens have a wide range of water features, from cascading fountains to floating fountains, lights and solar powered water pumps. They offer the cheapest price for the Lugano solar pump, 68.

Go Solar also sell solar pump kits for water features. The 11 watt kit, which comes with solar panel and pump, is 195.

Our favourite solar lights for water features are the small, bright and decorative Floating Aqua lights. 25 each from BritishEco.com

Make a pretty fountain yourself by placing the Smart solar Toskana fountain inside a terra cotta pot or an antique fountain bowl. $55 from PondsOnline

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