• Hi, we are living  in Las Vegas, Nevada. But our dream is to go off-grid. Not sure if we are not able to find the right place, property, area etc.. We moved from California to Arizona to start our dream, didn’t work out because it wasn’t the right location afterall. So we moved to Las Vegas, Nv.  We are both employed, in our 40’s, have great jobs and are living in a nice apartment both have cars no kids living a good life, but we want a better life and we know that can only come from living off-grid and growing our own food. Did you hear about the romaine lettuce and ground beef, recall? Crazy right!? we all need to be growing/raising our own food..I am so in love with the whole idea of growing my own food, building my chicken coop & and medicinal herbs… We have looked for land here in Vegas but can’t seem to find any with a water well. It seems that a well is very expensive to have drilled especially here in the desert, being that it has to be drilled very deep.. But we keep an open mind and a diligent search….Are there many others here in Las Vegas or anywhere elese that want to go off-grid but it seems like it may just continue to be a dream…Drop us a line tell us about your journey.

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13 Responses to “Wanting to go off-grid!”

  1. midrmlfstl

    what about Arkansas {ozarks} as an off grid place to start a community?? in the right part the growing season is long and land fertile plus lakes for fishing and plenty of hunting areas. i have researched this alot and find it very rural which is a plus when getting away from the craziness of this world of entitlement. any thoughts on this please email me back at bolyardkathy45@gmail.com. i am seriously interested in going off grid.

  2. Joe

    My wife and I are an hour outside of Vegas. The best well water for hundreds of miles. Fruit trees and veg garden. Multiple acres. Let’s talk

  3. Rick

    Group of three from 25-70 with skills from security weapon making cooking food preservation primitive life gardening bushcraft and lots more. We live a primitive lifestyle and have for the last three years now looking to settle with a group and settle. Hope we hear from you soon. crippledcouple8893@gmail.com. ps don’t let the email mislead you

  4. Cynthia Hilliard

    Hi. I am 56 yrs.old. I am also disabled,and living on a fixed income. My dream is to live totally off grid. My problem is coming up with the money to get started. I would love to find like- minded individuals to go in on a community type thing. I have alot of knowledge, and am an excellent cook. I have alot to give,if i could just find the right opportunity.

  5. Rebecca

    My fiancé and I currently live in Florida but are actively seeking land to live off grid. We are two laid back, avid nature lovers who are ready to escape the rat race. I am 27, with over 4 years as a Veterinary Technician and over 8 years of construction assistant. My fiancé is a certified motorcycle mechanic, who is also an avid animal lover.

  6. Forest Anasazi

    I’m 5 hours away in eastern Arizona. Live flowing water, abundant wildlife, and hundreds of thousands of acres of uninhabited land.