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29 year old couple living in uk waning to relocate preferably somewhere warmer and build a homestead with others. We want to talk to like minded people who are serious about going off grid and setting up a small community. The dreams not possible on our own but I believe together we can build it and make it possible.

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2 Responses to “Wanting to buy share towards land and build a community”

  1. Moira108

    Hi. I’ve been living in a motorhome for the past 18 months and I’m just starting to think about finding somewhere to settle and live sustainably. I’m from the UK but in Spain at the moment. I run an online business from the van, the idea being to save some cash to enable me to buy some land somewhere and convert / build. It’s still a long way in the future for me and my plans are pretty sketchy at the moment but as I’m alone (apart from my doggie buddy) I don’t think I can achieve this without reaching out to like minded people….

  2. B McKeever

    Sounds like we have the same idea. I have long wanted to live off grid and apart from society as a whole. I also know that it will take building a community of like minded people with varying skills to accomplish this. I’m here in the States and know of a great place (state) that has abundant and relatively cheap land with a low population density. I would love to share my ideas and learn of yours as well. I should tell you that I am looking at making the “move” in about five years or so due to family circumstances. In that time, I figure to find the people, purchase the land and materials and have at least a ‘common structure” built. Anyway, look forward to speaking with you.