Hi friends,I am Diogo.
I am 26 years old and have travelled half the world for work. I have a bachelors in arts and multimedia(cinema), a carpenter certificate, a teachers certificate and a post graduation in management, i have studied quite quit a lot in my lifetime so far. 3 years ago i started to educate myself in climate change, economy meltdowns and political meltdowns, philosophy, spirituality and sustainable living and since then i have been thinking of off grid living every day (Cob building, permaculture, renewable energy, natural medicine, frugal living, spirituality and more).

I am unhappy on this dog world, of just working my ass off to arrive home tired and with not enough money, i look around and i feel like an alien in this society (currently in canada on a temporary work visa). I am extremely hard working and love working with my hands, can do it for hours, it is the purpose that is important to me, i would love to build a cob house, or any type of house with a garden using different techniques and surround it with good friends and live peacefully. Be able to go to sleep with out worrying about getting a job the next day. I am an earthly person, spiritual and with a wide range of interests, i will be good company for a group of friends that would like to accept me. I know wood and structure very well, so i could start any project hands on. I grew up in a farm, so i can work the land and understand seasons and cycles. I am philosophical, so i can have great conversations.
I don’t have much money and i don’t have land, so if someone has some land and enjoys good company, i would do my best to bring it to life.
I would love to be a part of something and feel that i belong somewhere.
I am willing to move to Europe, a warm temperate climate would be perfect, but i can also explore options in Central America.
I am ready to give up the rat race and find a place to feel at peace.
I would love to start this venture in a year or so.

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Thank you,
Diogo Pereira

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