Hi friends,I am Diogo.
I am 26 years old and have travelled half the world for work. I have a bachelors in arts and multimedia(cinema), a carpenter certificate, a teachers certificate and a post graduation in management, i have studied quite quit a lot in my lifetime so far. 3 years ago i started to educate myself in climate change, economy meltdowns and political meltdowns, philosophy, spirituality and sustainable living and since then i have been thinking of off grid living every day (Cob building, permaculture, renewable energy, natural medicine, frugal living, spirituality and more).

I am unhappy on this dog world, of just working my ass off to arrive home tired and with not enough money, i look around and i feel like an alien in this society (currently in canada on a temporary work visa). I am extremely hard working and love working with my hands, can do it for hours, it is the purpose that is important to me, i would love to build a cob house, or any type of house with a garden using different techniques and surround it with good friends and live peacefully. Be able to go to sleep with out worrying about getting a job the next day. I am an earthly person, spiritual and with a wide range of interests, i will be good company for a group of friends that would like to accept me. I know wood and structure very well, so i could start any project hands on. I grew up in a farm, so i can work the land and understand seasons and cycles. I am philosophical, so i can have great conversations.
I don’t have much money and i don’t have land, so if someone has some land and enjoys good company, i would do my best to bring it to life.
I would love to be a part of something and feel that i belong somewhere.
I am willing to move to Europe, a warm temperate climate would be perfect, but i can also explore options in Central America.
I am ready to give up the rat race and find a place to feel at peace.
I would love to start this venture in a year or so.

Thank you,
Diogo Pereira

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10 Responses to “Bright young man wanting to go off-grid in Europe or Central America”

  1. kevin brooks

    greetings, Diogo Pereira,
    this off-grid site is so awesome to connect! my name is kevin, i am with a group of families who have a co-op community farm, and a market in town we created and built that we all sell our products in, we made a wood-chip burner for heat, more alternative energy projects on the way, we all help each other. hope to have you write me, i can send photos, i tried the “contact” tab but it keeps saying i didn’t fill out all fields… hope you see this, maybe we can work together, please contact me — gad [at] saphar [dot] net

  2. Justinas

    i glad that i am not alone, who things the same.
    I am 27 Years Lithuanian , was traveling all around the world from 17 ( UK, Netherlands, China, Germany…) have 8.2 ars of land in Lithuania, next to the forest and small river.
    Want to start or join off grid community.
    Finishing my job in Netherlands in April and planing to go traveling and looking off grid community to join of start something in my land. If anyone want to do something in Europe, or invite me to join existing community feal free to contact.
    i know constructions weary well, know hydroponics, farming and so on, 7 years no tv, just documentaries, educational videos.

  3. kevinorin

    I am actively looking for up to 10 serious individuals/couples/families of different skill-sets and backgrounds to join or start a permaculture community in or outside the US. Please email me for consideration in joining your community or creating one: kevino.williams@gmail.com

    I am a 27 yo IT professional but will be taking a hands-on course in permaculture design in Vermont this summer as well as continue to learning new and practical skills.

  4. Debra

    Hi Diogo,
    I have land on the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize. Similar thoughts brought me here two years ago. email me so we can exchange info. gr8xplorr@gmail.com

  5. rhysvaughan

    maybe we should get a group started and see how things go ?

  6. Paige

    Hi Diogo, I am interested in hearing more about your story. Can you email me at prh722@gmail.com ? – Paige

  7. Jochen, Maya, Leela, Tau and Kyanjali

    an opportunity for all our friends!!!

    As our wishes for sharing our life with more families and people starts to occupy us deeply,
    we have found out that our neighbor land is for sale.

    So now we are calling for anybody who is seeking to live a free life in the forest, enjoying the rare opportunity of good air, silence, clear spring water for drinking and bathing, self grown organic food and isolated beaches and hiking areas just nearby.

    Welcome is everybody who’s vision for sharing life, is build on cooperation in may aspects, mindfulness in every action and a deep understanding, that successful and happy life is possible when participating, giving, caring and sharing is in abundance without expectation for personal gain.

    Our priority is to have a minimum of two families living with us, in order to create an alternative and free educational environment for the children. This should be based on respect for individual capacities and interests, focusing on the nourishment of natural talents and the working with the environment and people around.

    Apart of this we are open to have people in this project who just want to pass for some time to help and learn, and of course people to buy or share the ownership of a land for use like they desire. In order to create a space of love in a natural surrounding in which, by a flow of giving and receiving, there is a magical quality of living unfolding.

    Our vision for the beginning is to combine our land and the neighboring lands for common use. Which means a big garden, big hall for activities (like celebrations; workshops; any practices… yoga, music dancing, martial arts, theater etc.) outdoor kitchen, common facilities for a few camping spots (later huts) for visitors and volunteers.
    We want to create a base of people who sustain the place and have in the same time a life in the wild with a lot of privacy, as well as common areas for sharing activities.

    Please feel free to send this mail to anyone who could be interested in such a project.

    We are looking forward to hear from you, also any questions, suggestions or advice!!

    Blessings to you all, (kremastie@yahoo.com)
    Jochen, Maya, Leela, Tau and Kyanjali (www.facebook.com/kremastie)

  8. Holli

    Hi, my name is Holli and I am a young, canadian, living near Toronto, ON. I am so tired of the way of life in the city or even in any society I have lived in at all. What are the only important things are good company, food/water, somewhere to rest your head, safety anda sense of purpose. Life is so complicated but it need not be. I want to just have so good company and maybe live in the woods/jungle/countryside somewhere. I could go on and on, but if you are interested in having an off the grid buddy who is young, open, fun, adventuruous, different, and loving then shoot me an email.